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Is there a limit to the number of apps you can put on your iPhone?

Asked by basp (4806points) January 3rd, 2009 from iPhone

I’ve been having a great time putting apps on my (older version) iPhone. Is there a limit to how many one should download?

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The amount of space you have is the only limit.

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I believe you can continue installing applications until your phone runs out of disc space (the same space is shared between your music, photos, videos and applications).

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“148 is the maximum number of applications you can install at once on the iPhone OS device. (9 pages x 16 = 144 + 4 in the static bar at the bottom = 148) But 148 includes the default applications. As of 2.1 that is 19 apps leaving you with 129 installable apps. We know because we tried it! What happens if you try to install more? Nothing, iTunes lets you do it, but they just don’t show up on the menu.”

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Hi, basp!

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Thanks for all the good information.
I have about forty apps in all and some music.

Hi Cdwccrn!

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The answer from is correct for users who haven’t jailbroken their iPhones. For users who have, the limit is effectively unlimited becuse there are different ways to organize app icons and skin the interface. Even if you don’t want to skin or do anything radical, one Cydia app I love is BossPrefs which allows you to simply hide any apps you never want to see (for example, I hid Notes because I have a replacement for it, and I hid Stocks because I have no interest in checking stocks).

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FYI, the most radical way to maxmize display space for app icons (as of this comment at least) appears to be Containers, which is the Cydia app that lets you put apps into folders rather than displaying them on the Springboard. I’ve been reading mixed comments about Containers, however (some people having stability issues) so I would advise people to google it thoroughly before trying it. :)

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i use categories which I assume is similar to containers, i have 126 application in 7 folders on 2 screens and only have problems with the app itself when selecting other apps into folders as it sometimes crashes but then restarts from where you left off so no real problem. I’d recommend it highly for jailbreak phones.

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