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Where is a good place to get quality retro items?

Asked by mangeons (12195points) January 3rd, 2009

Home decorations, appliances, furniture, anything retro. I don’t have a specific budget, but I’m looking for a good place to get retro items.

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Define Retro? 80’s? 60’s? 40’s?

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‘50s? The magazine “Atomic Ranch” has a ton of ads from online retailers selling mid-century stuff.

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How ‘bout checking out some websites like Multiply that has a lot of online shops selling a variety of items.. or even Macy’s

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Retro or vintage?

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the user said retro.

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What’s the difference between retro and vintage?

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@cornets- Yeah, I actually read that part but thanks.

‘Retro’ is typically used to describe clothing or furniture ‘in the style of vintage.’ A new Eames chair from Design Within Reach is ‘retro’ but not vintage. Ikea also has retro items. I prefer vintage items but they are often harder to find and vary in condition. Design within reach might be a place to look.

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My sister’s attic.

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‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s is what I’m looking for mainly, and not clothes, but anything else. Thanks!

tiffyandthewall's avatar has a lot of great retro/vintage/old stuff. they do have a lot of clothes, but if you look, you'll definitely find a lot of other stuff too. be careful though, it's pretty addicting. hah

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Can you get to Brooklyn? My buddies own RePop. It’s got some really great vintage (mid century) furniture and lighting. Peedub, you might want to check it out too!!

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