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Ikea beds: what makes Tarva better than Fjellse?

Asked by marmoset (1094points) August 5th, 2014

Both are very cheap but Fjellse is half the price of Tarva in my country (U.S.). What makes that the case?

I’m asking because I definitely want a bed frame of that type (untreated solid pine with footboard lower than mattress and headboard higher than mattress), and price isn’t my concern but headboard height is (Fjellse’s is exactly perfect height and Tarva’s is too tall).

Assume I would get the best slats available. My bed size is full/double.

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I would talk to the people at Ikea because they have the specs to look at.

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I’m in the US, and my search shows only a $50.00 difference:
Tarva $99 bed + $40 base = $139.00
It only shows one slatted base option, so I don’t understand why they charge separately for it.
Fjellse $89.99

Both are untreated wood. I definitely like the Tarva’s headboard better – I can see pillows falling through the other one if it’s not flush against the wall.

The Tarva indicates that the slatted base has a steel midbeam, The Fjellse does not indicate having a midbeam. I’ve slept in slatted beds much of my life, and anything bigger than a single will benefit from the midbeam support. This is especially try if you’re going to be sharing the bed with another person.

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Good point by @hearkat about the pillows falling through the Fjellse. That might be why it’s cheaper. The headboard looks less substantial and with the pillow issue, it might not be as popular. I like to put the pillows against the headboard to read or watch TV, and that wouldn’t be possible with that headboard.

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Thanks – my headboard will be flat against the wall, so the open design is no concern for me.

But excellent catch re. the steel midbeam – that’s the kind of difference I’m looking for. This bed will mostly be for one adult sleeping, only occasionally shared with another person (but for sex in that case, so more support would be better – however, if any full-size Ikea bed were not strong enough for an average couple to have sex in, I guess we would hear about it from lots of people!).

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I think that the Tarva is more attractive.

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