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Anyone seen Flight of the Conchords on HBO?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) September 17th, 2007

We just found this show on On Demand and are totally into it, is anyone else out there watching it? What do you think?

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Inner. Inner City. Inner City Pressure. It’s brilliant.

We burned through the first season in a week. There are some truly amazing moments midway through.

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I’ve been watching it for awhile now, and think it’s genius. It’s one of the few things I’ll turn on the tube for.

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I love it!!!

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Can you describe it?

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Awesome show.. its a stand-up duo that do these weird songs.. but they incorporated their songs into a show about two guys with a manager trying to get signed by a record label.. Its hilarious

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Sounds like one of those concepts that is hard to justice to in a description. Since I don’t have broadcast or cable TV, I suppose I’ll have to wait two years until it comes out on DVD, but thanks for the heads up, I’ll keep it in mind for Netflix.

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Think a New Zealand Spinal Tap meets The Office with music videos. The humor is also very similar in tone to the British Series The Mighty Boosh (from the limited episodes I’ve seen of that).

Basically, two indie rocker guys from New Zealand live in Manhattan and are the sole members of a struggling band with one fan. Their manager holds band meetings in his office at the New Zealand Consolate. Usually once or twice in the episode they break into spontaneous song. You get the idea.

They also have some amazing actors on the show, including Tony-award-winner Frank Wood, and, in one episode, one of the most startlingly good impressions of David Bowie I’ve seen.

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I’ve got to see this merely from that description. Instead of acting, andrew, maybe you should be in production.

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I enjoy this show. I just thought that I would share that the Atlantic Monthly does not (along with Wes Anderson, Miranda July, The Office, and This American Life).

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This show is ridiculously hilarious. However, I find that the songs are even funnier when performed in stand-up. Look for clips on YouTube, like Jenny and Business Time

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Amazing show… me and my friends love quoting the Conchords. we all also live in Brooklyn and the Lower East Side of NYC, so we often stumble into locations where the show has been filmed, always resulting in a quote and a laugh.

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“and when you’re on the street,
depending on the street,
you’re def-inite-ly it the top three…
good lookin’ girls on the street.”

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