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What's a good last name?

Asked by Elumas (3167points) January 4th, 2009

I’m writing a book and I have a main character who’s first name is James. I can’t quite think of a good last name for him though. It has to be very heroic and strong, yet it has to be realistic.

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Bond. James Bond.

But seriously, we need more info about the character. What religion/nationality is he?

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James Hardiman

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Do you want the last name to be symbolic or simply mellifluous? How about James Calder?

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Stone, Cole, Maddigan, Slate, Winter, Tull, Grier?

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Schminkey. James Schminkey.

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Armstrong. Now that’s an all American name.

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James Grendel
James Pantagruel
James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree
James Quixote
James T. Kirk

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What about Tarquin-Fin-tim-lin-bin-Whin-Bim-lim-Bus-stop-F’tang-F’tang-Olé-BiscuitBarrel?

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Nationality: European decent. Lived in NY (state) all his life.
Religion: Although it doesn’t affect the book much, Christian.
Brown hair, green eyes, average height, longer hair than normal, fairly average life.

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Vaughn. It’s my last name and we are from Wales. The guys have brown hair with green eyes.

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I’m kind of partial to Clarke.

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I like Wilson.

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Sturm. It is German and it means storm.

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Are you going to let us know what name you choose?

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I’ve always had a thing for Silver…

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Deal, that’s another good name… James Deal.

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@ Chyna Yes I shall.

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Anything that means to move very quickly or to be powerful?

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James Puissant

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@Gail How, exactly, is that pronounced?

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PWEE san. It means powerful in French, if you’re male. You swallow the final T.

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How about James Wildfire?

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Why not choose a sort of “compound” last name…take two English words and stick them together. Like “Silvernail” or whatever.

You may also consider a “hidden” meaning within the name that goes along with what your character is, or wishes to become, or clearly isn’t (making the name ironic). I wrote a story once about a character who was very negative and sadistic towards others, so his last name was “Doblar”, which has Latin roots in the word for “Pain”. Do you see what I mean? You use roots for certain words in English or other languages and “hide” them within a last name to give it particular meaning.

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I’m trying to see how it fits in in the opening lines:

It was a cold December day in Tonks, New York. James Vaughn sat in a faded yellow bus as it bumped along down an old stone covered road. James stared out the window; it was still dark outside the bus. When he breathed out he could see his breath reflecting the small slivers of light around him.
He was a fairly average boy with nothing too peculiar about his appearance. He had brown hair cut at a median between too long and too short, just above his eyes. His eyes were usually hazel especially on foggy days like these.
The bus started to slow as they thudded over a single land wood bridge. On his right James could see the lake, frozen and snowed illuminated by the bus’ headlights, it stretched on till the fog hid it from view.

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So far, it has my attention.. and then what happens?

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He gets to school and things start to disappear. Like pens and stuff and he has these dreams about showing up in weird places. Turns out he can teleport himself and things around him. And so the party begins.

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Though not as hurried of course. Many better events happen as well.

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He needs a love interest. Maybe her name should be Jessica.

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The story has great potential. Good luck with it.

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Thank you very much all of you. I’m still considering the name of the love interest.

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James VanKirk and Eleanor Marchand

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“Snodgrass” always had a nice ring to it. Or “McGillicuddy.”

How about saving the last name till later? Surprise us.

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Alright sweet.

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How about Bush?
That would work great for the antagonist.

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I knew a James Vaughn in middle school. That’s what I called him too, for some reason: JamesVaughn. I’m surprised he didn’t punch me in the nose for it, even if I was a girl. He simply didn’t strike me as a “Jimmy” kind of guy.

For your love interest, I think Vanessa is a nice name.

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Rider (Ryder?)

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Ooh, Swift, nice one.

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Gibson – Guitars
Mr. Tibbs – Movie
Sanders – Chicken King
Parker – Spiderman

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Tali: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..

How about… Salmon!

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How about James Fluther? Flutherman? Jellistein? McJelly?

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i like james vaughn, but it sounds like james bond.
How about james everett.
And for the love interest i say something strange and unique.

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Liz, did you finish your essay yet?

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haha no. i have two paragraphs. : ( but i decided to go on fluther for a bit. i’m horrible with finishing things

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I sorta like the last name Emmet.
James Emmet,
His love interest should be Brittanie (last name here)

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a good last name for a person named james would be James whittiker

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Finding the right name for the love interest is essential. It should stand on its own but also co-align with the character (as should her personality). When I write I use the names Joanna or Aurelia. They each have their own meaning. The later is latin I believe for golden sun and the first I think is Hebrew for God is Gracious. Finding names is a lot of fun, they take more meaning then you could imagine!

James Vaugn is a descent name. It is an everyday name for an every day Joe Smith. It is nice if that is the kind of character outline you are going for.

What kind of book are you writing? What is it for? How is it going?

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How about McAllister? It’s MY favorite last name for anyone of all ages, so James McAllister could work….

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What about the name “Liberty” for James’s love interest? My name is Liberty, I have a fraternal twin named Justice! I was born on the fourth of January (yes JANUARY not July) and Justice was born on the fifth. Maybe you could add us in the story! B.T.Dubs… I want a love interest, too!
James Vaughn is an AWESOME name!!!!!! <3 ; )

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Liberty is a girl, Justice is a boy. Liberty is 2 hours older.

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@jhgjhgfdkjfdkj Liberty and Justice are great names. Welcome to Fluther!

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Hey this is my first answer….
I’m thinking
James Elliot or
James Murphy or
James Dylan
As a love interest…
I’m thinking
Lea(h) or Eva (Clarke)
Those are my two favorite girl names :)

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Names for your love interest should be Unique,Angela,Angel,Kayla,or Sky.

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for the love interest i think Nichole, Erin, or Lexi would be a good name. if you are going to be looking for a last name to give the love interest in your story the last name Saunders goes very well with all three of the girls names i gave you.

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Lerner; James Lerner

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How about Goldheart or Sunset those are preety cute

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Puddintame…ask me again and I’ll tell you the same!

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I have so many ideas!
Here are some ones that might fit….....
Bramble, RailBack,Escent,Rival,Witherin…. hope you like those

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james jaronczyk

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Ok, I LOVE the name “James Vaughn”. And who cares if it sounds a little bit like “James Bond”? ‘Cos it’s not James Bond. So. I think the love interest’s name should be Skylar Cassidy. That’s a good name, right? Or Tana Clevenger…

I don’t know, what kind of names are you looking for?

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show not tell, you tell it would be better if you had it like ” James, james potter are you listening to me?” Questioned his teacher

that way you could here his name without just stating it or

“James you really should get you hair cut you can hardly see you lovly hazle eyes” His mother told him

show not tell:)

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I think Leda, or Melissa, Elicia, Emma, Candace, Trina, Willena (will-ain-a) or Francheska would be beautiful names for the love intrest

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How about the name Freya for his love interest?
For his last name it could be McKenzie
James Mckenzie

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No Vaughn! No! It sounds squishy, not at all powerful.
I like What @gailcalled and @allie said—Caulder or Stone. Caulderstone? Castone? Caston?

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Love interest should be Lexy. Maybe. Or Rebecca.

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This question was asked on Jan. 4, 2009.

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It was only my opinion
I like the name Vaughn aswell though! :D

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Ryder (pronounced Ride-air).

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Stone. (I think that was already said…)
Oh, and this question was asked on Jan 4, 2009. :)

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