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What animal migrates the longest distances?

Asked by seVen (3472points) January 4th, 2009 from iPhone
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hmmmm i would have guess gray whales, but google told me its the bird jp pointed out.

Gray whales are however the mammal that migrates the longest distance, some 12k miles a year.

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Humans have traveled over 235,000 miles to the moon. Does that count?

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I cannot find the reference on the Web, but I saw a fascinating story on the news recently about a female sea turtle who had traveled more than 2,500 miles to feed. Anyone have a link to that?

While humans have wanderlust and curiosity, I don’t really think it is the same as the migration imperative that is instinctive within animals. Although lurve to you, tyrantxseries, for the quip!

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Arctic Tern? Migrates between the polar regions clocking up a life time milage greater than the distance to the moon and back.

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