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Would the person ringing me up thinknit was weird that im buying lingerie for my gf?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) January 5th, 2009 from iPhone

just a quick little question. would it be weird for ME to buy lingerie in other peoples eyes? is that something they would expect her to buy for herself to surprise me?! im kind of doing the opposite that’s why i wanted hear from fluther lol.

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I don’t think that it’s weird. After all, you really ARE giving a gift to yourself when it comes down to it.

If a cashier thought it was weird, then that just speaks to the cashier’s repressed transvestitic fantasies.

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only if they seem like they are your size….

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lol i love the (known) unrelated answers that sacrifice true help for a laugh. im being serious too not even sarcastic. those are the answers i give in real life and seeing them here is just as rewarding

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The answer is no. No one will think you’re weird. People do it all the time. Just be sure your girl actually wants lingerie. Ain’t nothing worse than giving her a gift that is entirely meant for you.

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oh…she wants it.

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No, it’s not weird, no one will think of you as being weird for doing this.

It’s actually one of our human tendencies to assume everyone is watching or judging us: make sure our hair looks nice, make sure we don’t seem weird, etc. In reality, everyone either doesn’t care about these things, or are so absorbed in making sure they’re being good to notice other people being good too.

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that’s a great point dynamic dude. i think that if most of us take that seriously and realize wut u said, they will find it true of themselves. at least sometimes. i think that in some way confirms a higher power as well. i mean the fact that we care enough about the way we present ourselves. why? why must we feel that we are pleasing others, or at least that we are not “weird” in their eyes. animals do not do this. this is distict to humans, and we have some sense of pride that WANTS to be perceived as normal or even better than normal. could this be because we have a greater ultimate purpose then this earth alone and instinctively we feel that we may not be fully representing that greater life here, now. because of sinful nature (pride, greed, etc)

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It’s dynamic duo, and I’m a girl too :)

In reply to your comment, I point out that not everyone plays by society’s rules. Myself, for one. I will wear pyjamas out to do groceries without one concern for how others will scoff at my “style”. I’ve learned early on that you can’t please everyone, so you might as well spend your effort pleasing those that matter (friends and family) versus those that don’t (random strangers).

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i think that’s exactly right and takes a grew level of maturity. (sorry about the “dude” remark by the way) lol. i believe i am at the same stage most of the time, however, i believe it to be inevitable that even tho u may choose to be this way, it almost certainly crosses your mind at least once everytime you do something that may be questionable in the eyes of others. wearing pajamas to the store, now, if youre being completely honest with yourself, don’t you have to run that thought through your head everytime? the thought of “i don’t care what they think”, or “that guy doesn’t interest me anyway.” and keep in mind im not saying this is wrong at all, im just saying it’s a weird thing i think only humans have to deal with. and i would respect a girl like that more. because she would be interesting, and i knew she had something different from the “other girls” so in actuality, the fact that u would be happy with yourself no matter what would benefit you

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Your girl friend is lucky. I wish someone would buy ME lingerie.

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Totally honest here, no I don’t run it through my mind each time. Five years ago I might have, back when I was more naive about the world, but not today. The bottom line is I don’t give a flying F what the majority of people think of me or my choices. I do value opinions and comments from people I am close to (again friends and family), but I don’t care one bit about what Random Joe X thinks of me, because I live my life for myself and not for others. Life is too short to worry about stuff like this. Just do whatever makes you happy as long as it doesn’t affect any non-consenting person. Wearing PJs in public? That doesn’t affect Random Joe’s life. Telling Random Joe off for not wearing PJs? That affects his life, thus I wouldn’t do it. Telling Random Joe off for him berating my choice of clothing? That’s just fair game.

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try buying a kama sutra book without getting some stares!! Especially when the clerk is obviously a hardcore pentacostal and starts humming hymns while she checks you out!! Ha. Funniest story, I swear.

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@dyna- I’m with you on that one. It took me awhile to be comfortable saying I honestly don’t care what other people think. I’ve just come to the conclusion that no one matters and I am not living my life for them, I am living it for me!

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lol. i think that there are positive sides to that and negative sides. im not saying in your case specifically, but it seems living that way 100% can lead to a selfish lifestyle. I think SOMETIMES it’s important to consider the majoritys thoughts or opponions because maybe living to please yourself alone is always not a food thing

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good. sorry, iphone autocorrect sometimes isn’t GOOD enough!

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rereading your responses though i do notice that you specifically exclude family and close friends so i think that makes more sense now. i think if u can honestly do that and you’re at that point in your life, than why ever turn back? that’s a great place to be. and i feel that im at a great place too. i don’t feel that im constantly worried about what others think. even asking this question is a rare occurance for me. thanks for answerig

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No, I don’t think it’s weird…I think it’s weird to post a question on fluther as a cover so you can strut around in it at home…j/k ya :) Lingerie…the gift that keeps giving :-)

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Plenty of men buy lingerie for their women. The cashier rings it up all the time. You will not be her first male customer. The store wants to sell it and doesn’t care who buys it.

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I bought some for my girlfriend for christmas. The sales lady even helped me find the right choice. It’s not weird at all.

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The only weirdness I can foresee is if the articals of clothing were NOT for your girlfriend. And even then, I don’t think “weird” would be quite the right word.

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I agree with dynamicduo, worrying about what everyone else thinks is just a waste of time. If only I had learned this at a younger age! Have fun shopping and hope she likes whatever you find for her.

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Guys go into lingerie stores all the time looking to buy gifts for their girlfriends or wives. The salespeople (every once in awhile, there’s a guy working there too!) are completely used to it, just like there are people at the pharmacy who are used to people buying condoms, just like there are people at the hardware store who are used to women trying to buy things for their boyfriends, husbands or fathers. You’re not the first, so don’t stress about it.

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