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Whats the trick to having less wrinkled clothing?

Asked by scubydoo (751points) January 7th, 2009

Besides ironing or paying someone to iron for you is there a trick to have less wrinkled clothing? button up shirts in particular. Does anyone have any hints on better ironing techniques? ironing for noobs even?

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Hang them up when they’re still warm from the dryer?
Hmm…this answer feels unsatisfying.

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Don’t crowd your closet. Buy perm press instead of 100% cotton. Use a hand held steamer instead of an iron. Wear knit instead of woven fabrics when possible. Have them professionally laundered. Learn the Zen method of ironing.

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If you must iron them, use a light spray starch when you do. It helps the ironing last longer. I myself am pretty wrinkle tolerant, and just throw things in the dryer with a damp washcloth. They certainly don’t come out wrinkle-free, but close enough for my purposes.

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I have one of those fancy washing machines with a special steam cycle and it works wonders on wrinkles! (my mother used to get the same results using an old soda bottle with a sprinkler top in it while ironing.)

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Remove from dryer as soon as they are dry, don’t let them sit there and get cold. Immediately put on hangers and button them. Make sure when you put them in the closet you don’t just jam it in there, take the 3 seconds to move things aside, adjust the shirt, and then move the neighboring clothes against it. When you are ready to wear it, hang it in the bathroom while you shower. The steam helps. I rarely have to iron anything because I don’t let it wrinkle in the first place. Now I have a crazy washing machine/ dryer that has a wrinkle prevent mode and a refresher steam thing so I don’t have to take all those steps anymore.

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I hate wrinkles and I hate ironing….this won’t take care of your immediate problem, but as you buy new clothing, look for items that are wrinkle free, wrinkle resistant and/or have at least a partial polyester content. I have now switched most of my shirts to these types. I wash and light dry/hang to dry and they look great.

My experience w/ 100% cotton items is that A) they shrink and B) about 37 seconds after putting it on, it is wrinkled.
The only way to combat this, in my opinion, is lots of starch….

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