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Have you jailbroken your iPhone?

Asked by derekpcollins (281points) January 9th, 2009 from iPhone

Would you recomend doing it? Why or why not?

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Nope! I haven’t! I have no need to and it could potentially brick the thing. I’d rather have a tethered phone that works than a brick that’s, you know, a brick. If I had a need to jailbreak it, I might have to think about it more, but I don’t.

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No, I wouldnt. I’m more than happy with it. That’s my thank you to Apple.

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Not yet.

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Yes. It won’t brick it, and it offers way more freedom and customization than stock.

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You can’t brick your iPhone,
Jailbreaking is great if you like to really customize your phone and have odd programs not found in the app store such as teathering.
If you aren’t interested in doing those things or trying to unlock the phone for another carrier, then it would be pointless to do.

It’s so easy to do now days you might as well just to play around with different things

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I did, for about a week. It was cute being able to change the backgrounds and icons. Some apps were cute. But I got bored with it so I went back. I like the classic look, and I don’t really need any of those other apps. I do miss texting in landscape mode.

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I don’t know what that is, how to do it, or why anyone would want to. My iPhone is perfect already.

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I agree with you, cdwccrn… iphone is perfect already. Besides, I didn’t pay that much money for it to mess with it like that!

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Basp, what is your fav app?

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I have a couple of favorite apps.
Health and Family keeps track of medications, doc appointments and other medical information. I have it set up for both myself and husband.
I also like My Budget. It tracks my monthly expenditures.
I have a bunch if fun games… Snoozle, wurdle, and others.
I just love my iPhone!
What are your favorite apps?

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@basp, shazam, what’s on, showtimes, wurdle, bejeweled, easy wi-fi, facebook( are you on facebook?), speed dial.

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Absolutely recommend it. Take most of the answers above with a grain of salt! It cannot brick your phone and it does nor change the default look at all unless you specifically want.

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(And if you do want to change the look of your interface or layout, I recommend the excellent and free Winterboard app, which is available in Cydia, the easy graphical app installer that is automatically added when you jailbreak.

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@everyone: I’m really not that interested in changing the interface of the iPhone—I love it the way it is. I’m mostly interested in extending the functionality of the phone with applications that aren’t (yet) officially available.

It seems like jailbreaking the iPhone these days is pretty simple and easily reversible, so I just wanted to see what people’s experiences were with jailbreaking their phone and if they would recommend doing it (or advice against it). Thanks for your responses so far.

@cirrina: What applications have you found useful after jailbreaking your phone?

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My top cydia apps are cycorder (shoot good video with audio, averaging about 12fps), flashlight (unlike app store flashlights, is allowed to force brightness to 100%), bossprefs (MANY much- needed system tweaks), and of course pdanet!

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Just in case anyone is interested, I found this very pertinent article over at ReadWriteWeb titled Why You Have to Jailbreak the iPhone. It discusses the difference between “jailbreaking” and “unlocking” and then talks about the process of jailbreaking your phone and some of the “best jailbroken apps” out there.

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