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Can animals really smell human fear? Which animals can do this?

Asked by omfgTALIjustIMDu (9034points) September 20th, 2007
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Certainly dogs. My sis has one dog that was abused as a pup and is a nipper; I am always nervous around her and the dog can always tell. I am forbidden to make eye contact w. her.

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I’ve always hated this phrase. Fear is an emotion, not an odor. Maybe if people sweat or output some other odor as a result of being in fear. Dogs have exceptional noses and so I wouldn’t be surprised if they could pick up these odors when humans can’t. But fear can’t be smelled, just like the color red can’t be heard.

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Animals can’t small fear, but they are better at reading body language than we are. So I would say they can sense fearful behavior. If you are afraid of an animal do your best to remain calm, and always avoid eye direct eye contact with aggressive animals.

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i read in my anthropology textbook that humans also have the ability to “smell fear” but because our other dominant senses have taken over (sight especially) that we rely less on our sense of smell. so.. we have the same capability, but since our species hasn’t used it in millions of years its strength has declined.

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Horses can, funny thing is that when horses know you’re scared they’re meaner than when you aren’t. Most animals can sense fear. BTW- it’s not smelling, it’s sensing by body language and such, bad vibes.

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