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Does anyone know a better hangover cure than just water and advil?

Asked by lily (83points) December 5th, 2006
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There are lots of good ideas from this similar question:
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anything made out of the alochol which you over-co nsumed. hair of the dog that bit you...
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I take aspirin before I go to sleep and before I have a hangover. Although, this is just for wine--I don't tend to drink hard liquor.
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3 advil 2 tylenol before you hit the sack.
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also greasy food the next day really helps.
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Much of a hangover is dehydration so force yourself to drink a lot of water before you go to sleep. Really overdue it on the water. . . Greasy foods tend to help me as well. A big plate of eggs, hashbrowns, toast etc. . . Taking a bunch of tylenol or aspirin when you are intoxicated is really, really bad for your liver.
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According to someone who knows, the best cure for a hangover is a direct Intravenous rehydration. (you know, with a I.V. bag) However, I'm not sure where you'd pick one of these things up. Ask your doctor friend?
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I like drinking an infusion of Sweet Leaf tea (Monarda fistulosa). That is if you can get to the teapot.
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multivitamin and a banana, in addition to the water and advil in the morning. then go back to bed and let it all work its way into your system for about an hour or two. i notice after a big bender, i am thirsty all day after. keep drinking water until you start to pee normally inresponse to the hydration.
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Some friends of mine from Mexico introduced me to a drink they called "ruso": ice-cold seltzer, lots of fresh lime juice, and salt. I tried it when I wasn't hung over and it wasn't very good, but the morning after a tequila-dos equis-merengue mash up it tasted like the nectar of the gods.
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if you think of it, take b vitamins before you start drinking. they help. i think b-12 is best. drink electrolyte water before bed. drink electrolyte water when you wake up. (smart water is a cheap, easy to get electrolyte water; gatorade is also good but i don't like the taste when i feel gross)
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best cure is not to drink in the first place :P. think about it.
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My brother swears by lucozade.
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i do two huge glasses of water before bed, and that usually kills it before it gets me, but if you happen to have a friend who is a paramedic the absolute best hangover cure is an IV drip of good ole’ saline after drinking. Never try to give yourself one unless you are trained though, you will most likely screw it up and when you have been drinking, the blood does not clot as easily and if you rupture a large vein or artery you could lose a dangerous quantity of blood, much more than if the same event happened while sober. I know people who have been turned away at piercing parlors while drunk because of the risk of bleeding.

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A hangover is caused by dehydration as alcohol is a powerful diuretic. This results in the volume of cerebrospinal fluid dropping. This is the fluid your brain is floating in and if it is reduced your brain bangs about against your skull. This is what causes the pain. Patients who have had a lumber puncture and sit up to quickly afterwards will suffer a severe headache similar to a hangover due CSF leaking out of the hole at the bottom of their spine.

The best cure for a hangover is to avoid getting dehydrated in the first place. Drinking two pints of water before bed is a good start. I also take acetaminophen and ibuprofen and find it works quite well.

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Emergency, that fizzy vitamin powder that you add to water. Two packets of that, no caffeine, and don’t eat anything, or only eat fresh fruit, or juice. Grapefruit juice is my fave. Greasy food just makes you tired so you can go back to sleep. Alcohol is metabolized into a very similar chemical to adrenaline, or so I understand, which is why you always wake up at the crack of dawn, or whenever you have metabolized enough to counteract the sedative effect it has on your brain. That is why people say drinking to sleep well is counter-effective. You need to get your electrolytes back up and get some natural energy from B vitamins and such, which emergency has. Leave your stomach alone, since its probably sour anyway, drink water, and like evander said, don’t take pain killers. They are also hard on your stomach, and terrible for your liver, which is already struggling to do away with all the crap you drank the night before and probably not getting to the other toxins it normally does away with in the night. Or just drink more. It depends on your goals.

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The best advice is to avoid a hangover by not over-drinking alcohol. However, if you do get a hangover, forget all the supposed cures flooding the market. Not a single one has been proven effective. To learn about this as well as some of the many amusing folk remedies (none of which has proven to be effective), visit

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