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Has anyone ever heard of a Tongan Terrier?

Asked by Spargett (5390points) September 22nd, 2007

I recently watched a movie, “The Dog Problem”, in which the featured dog’s breed was referred to as “Tongan Terrier”.

I searched on the internet, but to no avail really. My girlfriend and I would love to get a breed like this, any info would be awesome. Below is a image of the dog if that helps.

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I watched the same movie and have to agree that the little guy is great. However I am fairly certain that there is no such breed and that he is in fact a cross breed of some type. In other words an adorable mutt. I would like to suggest that you research the Austrailan Terrier if you want a similar look and size. There are different types and sizes of this breed. The web site that is listed here has some great pictures of the little guys.

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We just watched the movie The Dog Problem as well, and I dont think there is such a breed. However, my wife and I bought a dog over a year ago that is a Papillon and Brustles Griffin Terrier. It looks very similar except our dog has a little longer hair. Our dog’s mom was the Papillon side. It’s a very cute dog. Good luck!

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I just saw the movie last night, and found this place while doing a search on the brred. the dog looks exactly like my dog. I think if you look at border teriers, you will see the resemblance. that’s what I always thought my dog was.

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You can find a pic of a border terrier here:

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I would like to know the heritage of this dog as well, I have the EXACT same dog in black.I looked at the border terrier pics and admit I do see a resemblance, but the info on the page said you have to watch how much you feed because they gain weight easily. I have been trying to fatten my dog for a YEAR and he will not gain one ounce. Maybe it is some type of cross but I have the Identical dog to the one in the movie in black . So if anyone comes up with an answer to this question please let me know.

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The dog looks looks (and probably is) a Border Terrier.

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My dog looks like his brother. He is a half pomerian and half dauchshund actually. The tail is curled hence the pom and the loving eyes is the doxie. He is not yappy and very loving; also, people have thought he had terrier but he doesn’t.

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there is no such thing as a tongan terrier,and i know cause i am tongan

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(fyi)most people know the tongan race exist.its located in polenysia near samoa,and we go back to 1 of the oldest race

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im mean DONT know srry it was a typo

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