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What's the song in this commercial?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1391points) January 11th, 2009

This song sounds REALLY familiar, and by that I mean as if I have played it before in orchestra or symphony without the strings.

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youtube comments say it’s Jupiter from The Planets by Holst

Wikipedia references the Reese’s commercial as well, for what it’s worth…

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funkdaddy beat me to it.
You cad!

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Definitely Jupiter.

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Yea I was just reading that, I feel stupid, I’ll look at more than just the “more info” pane from now on.

But I was right we did play it, along with the rest, I’m surprised that I didn’t remember that, especially with it being my favorite.

Thanks everyone!

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Gah! they are using music from my favorite CD of all time to sell crappy chocolate! What next, Mars, Bringer of War to sell cars?!?

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Good thing they don’t make Ford Mercuries anymore. Wait, they don’t, do they? I haven’t bought an American car in eons.

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