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How to fix a dvd player?

Asked by mmckenzie21 (23points) January 12th, 2009

i have four philips dvp3960/37 dvd players that wont read dvds and dont want to pay to have them repaired, wanted to know if there are any websites or if anyone knew of any common problems with these model players and could help me out cause i would rather fix it myself if possible, thanks

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I hate to ask an obvious question, but do these drives all fail on the same machine and if so, have you tried them on other machines?

Have you checked the IDE master/slave settings (if appropriate)?

I did a search of ‘DVD drive repair checklist’ and found some books and a few sites out there. Most of the sites I’ve looked at seem to just go through the obvious stuff.

Seem’s like less and less is free on the internet.

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Aw man, I’ve got one of those Philips hunks o’ junk. Seriously. It’s crap. Not surprising since it only cost ~$45 new when I bought it almost 2 years ago.

Just replaced mine with a new Sony. And am so happy I did.

Other than hobbyist reasons or out of a morbid sense of sado-masochism, I would recommend not fixing them as the Philips DVD player sucks big donkey balls even when it’s working properly.

I still have my old one and it functions as designed (again, terribly). I’d sell it and ship it to you, except that I wouldn’t even give away the thing to my worst enemy.

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A new DVD reader/burner will run you about $22. It would be easier if you just replace it, because most problems are not user servicable.

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@rob- I happen to have big donkey balls. Which Phillips model did you have?

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Rawr! Same as @mmckenzie21 does. Be careful though, and don’t let it interlace your boys. Keep it progressive if you can.

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My balls are region PAL 2. Will that help?

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