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How do I stick a key back on my computer keyboard?

Asked by sjg102379 (1230points) September 22nd, 2007

The “L” fell off my keyboard—can I just glue it back on?

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Dont use glue!
if you use glue, the key won’t be able to be pressed. A lot of the time you can just snap it back on.

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Yea, usually they just snap right back on.

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And if it doesn’t snap back on?

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What kind of computer is it? Laptop/desktop?

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my number 7 key snapped off on my macbook, i got it back on but now i have to pressss it for it to work

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laptop. mac.

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If its like most laptops theres multiple parts to a key, theres the actual key cap (with the letter on it) then underneath there’s a piece to help it move up and down like this . If you don’t have all the parts that came out of it, it won’t go back on.

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Or try to write only words without that missing part. It’s not as easy as it sounds. You can use your computer notebook on your stomach and use a substitute key; such as upper case I or ! or 1. I had to rewrite this ‘graph three times in order to avoid the broken Ietter. (that’s an upper case i).

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Is it still under warranty?

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How do i stick my key back on? I can’t just leave it off or I’ll get in trouble.

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Yep, If it’s just the cap with the letter on, position it carefully then press down firmly-you can hear it click into place. Just done it with my N (I sucked it up the vacuum cleaner trying to remove cat hairs and dust!)

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Hey don’t use glue on your keyboard it wont be good for the keyboard itself, I had a similar problem last month with my A key and I didn’t want to spend $85 for a whole new keyboard so I ordered my replacement keys from a company “http://www,”. They have great customer service and saved me a whole lot of money. So you can check them out too, may be this would help you out!!!!

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