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Was religion introduced to control the masses?

Asked by ipsskunk (90points) January 12th, 2009

good answers so far to what i think are intresting questions keep coming???

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In my opinion: most definitely… nuff said

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Religion was created independently by a lot of different groups of people in order to explain the world when there were no other explanations to be found.

But yes, down the road it was used to control people. That wasn’t its original purpose though.

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That was one of its primary purposes, yes. It was also a handy way to explain things that no one knew back then (why are we here, where did we come from).

That said, religion wasn’t introduced necessarily for these purposes. I highly suggest reading Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion for a great scientific explanation of why humans would come to believe a religion, the advantages it provided back when we were hunters/gatherers, etc.

In my mind, religion is a relic from our growing stages from ancient to modern humans, just like our appendix or other vestigial parts. However I don’t discriminate against those who choose to keep it as a part of them, just as I wouldn’t discriminate against someone who has no appendix.

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I’m with pete, above. I just can’t come to terms with the thought that religion was ever originally created to control the populace.

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wrote a bunch of stuff only to realise it was basically what pete just said.

so…what pete said :)

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I would think that it would have started to try to explain mysterious or powerful natural things. That, and as a mechanism for passing down culture and knowledge (medicine / agriculture / etc.).

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Yes, period.

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If anyone takes a course in religion, even in high school and pays attention to the basic facts about it’s beginnings you’d know, it’s impossible that it developed that way.

Pete is right, GA.

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I don’t know, but a lot of really awful things have been/are being committed in the name of religion, which seems to defy its alleged purpose. That to me seems to indicate that its true purpose may be at odds with its claimed one.

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To the original question: No.

From humanity’s beginning (which ever beginning you subscribe) humans have had mystical tendencies. African tribes developed forms of religion early on to explain patterns. Spirituality is an innate quality of humanity.

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@nocountry2 That is one seriously creepy piece of artwork in your avatar

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baby Jesus freaking out at what happened to Christianity

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Awesome answer Pete. You left out one thing though. Religion was created to alleviate our fears of dying. Dying is much easier to swallow of you don’t consider it THE END.

Now, before everyone starts screaming at me for being a Naysaying Nellie, I’m with you all. Go Eternity…Rah…Rah…Ra

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