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What are your favorite episodes of Gilligan's Island if you were one of those people who happened to like that show?

Asked by Bluefreedom (22916points) January 15th, 2009

I was inspired to ask this question after seeing and answering Snoopy’s recent question of what everyone’s favorite Brady Bunch episodes were.

Here’s a bit of trivia too:

Whenever the question has been asked, “Ginger or Mary Ann”, it’s been shown that Mary Ann is consistently chosen over Ginger each time.

Some of my favorite episodes:

1. So Sorry, My Island Now – a Japanese sailor still thinks it is WWII and captures the island.

2. Up At Bat – Gilligan gets bitten by a bat and he thinks he’s turning into a vampire and starts having dreams that he is Dracula

3. And Then There Were None – the castaways start disappearing and Gilligan thinks he is a Dr. Jekyll – Mr. Hyde and is making all the others disappear.

4. Smile, You’re On Mars Camera – a Mars lander accidentally crashes on the island and the castaways are mistaken for life on Mars

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I loved the one with the giant spider in the cave! That spider was sooo cheesey!

The other one I love was when that surfer dude washed up on shore! C;assic

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I always wondered, how did the radio batteries last so long? Maybe the professor made batteries out of coconut milk?

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And remember when he built that stationary bike out of wood and rode it to charge up the batteries and stuff?

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@forestGeek that’s the first episode that came to my mind. Love that one. (giant spider)

I remember the episode when Gilligan had to marry a rather large female tribe member. Also the episode when Gilligan became invisible.

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I loved that show! I can’t pick a favorite. I remember being very young and crying because of a dream episode in which Gilligan died. Before I realized it was a dream, I was so sad!

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Remember when Gilligan was a tribal leader and his his head was on a totem? Was that the same episode where he had to marry the tribal lady?

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@forestGeek – Remember his headhunter word? “pulee-see-muh-gumbah”

My favorite was when MaryAnne thought she was Ginger. I had a crush on Mary Anne and seeing her all sexed up got me all hot and bothered.

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@forestGeek. One of the episodes you described was called “High Man on the Totem Pole” but I’m not sure about the other one. It might be “Slave Girl”.

Here is a total list of Gilligan’s Island episodes.

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Ahhh, I’m going to have to Netflix these now!! Good memories.

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That cheesy spider episode was one of my favorites too. Or the one with them all being cavemen. That was pretty cool. I haven’t seen any of those shows for ages.

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In the distant past I did watch the show.
Cant say I remember much about the episodes, but it was ok for it’s time.

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i always choose mary-ann over ginger! she was sooo adorable.

my favourite episode was the one where gilligan has like a temporary memory loss after getting knocked on the head by a radio (i think?). oh man there are so many episodes i liked though, i can’t even think of an absolute favourite. i loved the professor though, so whichever episodes he was most prominent in are probably my favourites.

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