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Do you sense a subject/idea that you feel already Obama will mishandle?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) January 15th, 2009

He has already chosen some people to fill certain roles, and he has stated his position regarding many subjects. Regardless of your political affiliations, do you feel that he is wrong on one or more items in his agenda and that as a result he will mishandle/fail at it?

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FISA. He supported it and I worry he will continue to do so, which I consider gross mishandling.

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No I don’t.
The man is not even President yet. Are we already trying to second guess him? I’d prefer to give him a chance.

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everyone makes mistakes.
It’s bound to happen at some stage.
Yeah, Obama is amazing, but let’s remember he hasn’t even started yet…

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ooooo snap @Grisson ;) GA’d

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I fully supported Obama during the election and am ridiculously happy he was elected. I think he’ll do a better job than McCain would have by leaps and bounds. That doesn’t mean he’s perfect. Of course there are areas people hope he will do better on.

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@EmpressPixie Certainly he will make mistakes. And if he firetrucks-up on FISA then I’ll be right in there with an opinion. Me? have an opinion? Heaven forbid! Until then I’ll wait and see.

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the man’s human – not only is he not perfect but it’s ridiculous to expect to agree with every decision a president makes – he will be infinitely better than either bush or mccain, and that’s good enough for me.

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I sense he will fall short on making me a multi-billionaire, but I hope I’m wrong.

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@fireside If it were Bush and you were a bank, you’d be all set.

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I don’t sense anything he will mishandle, but I know he will mishandle many things according to many different people.

We all want him to do something different for us as President, and when some people don’t get those things, they’ll complain and say he mishandled them. It’s all about point of view.

One thing that I sense is that he’ll do his best for all of us.

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@Grisson – good idea. I’m headed out now to change my name to the Bank of Fireside.

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The economy. My belief on why the economy is screwed up is because of the Federal Reserve. The top two guys inhis economic team are both from the federal reserve. You can’t expect the people that caused the problem to fix the problem. There was a good article on on this subject a few days ago.
FISA is also aconcern of mine. How can someone who took and taught constitutional law vote for this bills passage?

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I’m a little worried about putting medical records online. I have privacy concerns.

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i don’t know specifically of anything i suspect he won’t do a great job at, but i do expect there to be things he doesn’t live up to his promises on. not because he has an alternative agenda, but because he’s human and because being president is a pretty big job.
i don’t think he’s a god, i think he’s a good man, who will undoubtedly make mistakes.

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An even scary concern for me about the medical records is a company called Verichip.
Here is a recent press release from this company about medical records. Keep in mind, this company is a company that develops implantable radio frequency chips, about the size of a grain of rice. It would be “perfect” for keeping error-proof records and keeping costs down through a universal database. If would also be perfect for money, GPS, and babysitting.

We will all be thanking Obama for giving us free healthcare, by simply letting him insert a microchip into us. I bet most people trust him enough.

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