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Does using an iPhone to fluther contribute to the silly typos I am seeing more of?

Asked by gailcalled (54614points) September 25th, 2007

If u cn rd ths, u r on an iphn. Do bg thmbs scrw up typng?

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I know I have problems with a much higher typo rate on my Treo because of the tiny keyboard, but I am sufficiently retentive to take the time to correct my typos. Some people claim what you describe is a burgeoning new language, myself, I find it to be general laziness, shifting the burden of clarity onto the recipient rather than the sender. I certainly hope this is not accepted as standard expression, or we will have:

“2 B o nt 2 B? Tht z th ? Is nblr 2 sfr th. . .”

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Yes. Sometimes, if you go back to edit the middle of your response, you can’t get your cursor back to the end of your text. Often, the best you can do is get about 5–7 characters from the end.

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its certainly my excuse

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I can type almost as fast on my iPhone as I can on a keyboard. Sometimes so fast that the auto correct processor lags, trying to keep up.

Fluther’s text boxes can be funky with the iPhone too.

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The iPhone corrects most typos, but sometimes it is inaccurate and suggests the wrong words. But the example you give is highly unlikely from an iPhone, because it does not like abbreviations. If I were to try to type u it corrects it to a capital I unless I teach it to ignore that correction.

Also, early iPhone adopters that I have encountered tend to be of a different demographic than those who use all those abbreviations. However, since the price drop, I am seeing more young people with them.

It is true that Fluther’s iPhone interface can frustrate when attempting to proofread longer entries like this one. I have mentioned it to the site administrators and received personal acknowledgement; so they are aware of the limitations, and hopefully will find a way to correct it.

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Yps it iz

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