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How much to Mac Specialists get paid at the Apple Store?

Asked by agentcircus (5points) September 24th, 2007

Looking for an hourly rate in the Southern California area.

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Personally i get paid 18 dollars an hour as a part-time “mac genius” in a middle-sized apple store in new jersey. But the salary can fluctuate depending on what store you work at. For example the starting salary at the store in Soho is 25 dollars an hours. People with the Apple Genius Certification ( for which you need to go to their campus in cupertino) can make upto 50k a year

btw if you are applying remember to negotiate your pay – since they’ll offer you a very low wage at first ( i was offered $14)

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Miriza, Not bad money. I’ve always been curious as to what qualifies you as a “genius”?

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good connections ( i went to high school with 2 geniuses before i applied), googling power, and some basic knowledge of macs

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Hey Mirza,

What advice can you give me as I have an interview next Friday to possibly work as a Mac Specialist. Have any idea what I should be brushing up on or what programs they may want me to know? Any help is much appreciated.

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@ i would look over the apple support forums for ways to solve common apple errors (like how to manually reboot an ipod when it freezes, etc.) . If possible go to the store and have a friendly conversation with any employees (most ppl are usually friendly and there are lots of conversation starters). As for specific programs, iLife has a lot of “how do i this” questions, definitely iTunes, how to change user preferences, (unless you are applying as an apple trainer, you dont need to know the details of specific programs like final cut pro). Instead of programs, the major thing you should think about is trouble-shooting errors – most of them are pretty simple – some of them you’ll know already – if you dont how to solve a problem, google it

Btw i dont it it helps or not but i wore a DIGGnation shirt on my interview day which ( as my retired manager jeff describes it) gave them the “pure geek” impression

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Where u get the shirt from?

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