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Do web proxies really hide your IP?

Asked by elchoopanebre (3074points) January 16th, 2009

Also is it necessary to use more than one? (i.e. use a web proxy then access another proxy through your first, etc, etc).

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I would assume they do really hide your IP. I dont know why you would use multiple proxies though. Honestly i dont have much experience with proxies, the only time i use them is for megaupload and stuff like that where they limit the amount you can DL in a certain time.

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You know what got me thinking about this? (and I know you’ll get this Uber)

The “I’m behind over 9000 proxies” meme.

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“Over 9000” isn’t referring to proxies…

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@eambos: in this instance it does.

I’m aware that it originally refers to a power level being over 9000 and many spin offs were done but I have definitely seen verbatim “I’m behind over 9000 proxies.”

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Proxies are a way of directing traffic. In some instances proxies are used to funnel all traffic through filters for compliance reasons. In other instances they give a large number of private IP addresses access to the internet via a small number of public IP addresses.

The proxy that you seem to be referring to are the same concept except that the traffic is routed through many hops to obscure where it is coming from or going to. Note that in many cases with the right resources even this traffic can be traced back to its origin. Do you really think that the so called hackers who have dumped viruses and worms onto the internet did it from their home ISP? Unlikely. Yet they were caught and prosecuted.

tor is a good anonymous browser proxy. But don’t count on it to protect you in the event you do something which garners attention from the big boys.

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