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What sites are great for scholarships?

Asked by invic (110points) January 17th, 2009

I am in my second semester of my jr. year and i have no scholarships behind my back. It is financially impossible for my parents to help me with college even if it is just a small college and not Stanford or anything, the irony is that that is my dream school, Stanford. Anyway, i would like to know some sites that have a bunch of scholarships so i can check them and sign up. when i do a google search i always get fake ones or something. Please respond to my topic and thankyou

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the best one is probably FastWeb Good Luck!

LanceVance's avatar has some info on scholarships too, I think

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Fastweb is good. I will tell you that highly competitive academic schools are not as forthcoming with scholarship money; you have to have a really strong financial need and circumstances to make you a unique addition to their student body. If you have your heart set on it and meet the requirements, you could take out loans, but that would mean you could get out of undergrad $160,000 in debt, and still facing grad school. There are tons of great schools that do much better with awarding scholarships that have Ivy League educated professors.

Look for scholarships on the local level. Do your parent’s employers offer scholarships? Any clubs? Are you a scout? Rotary clubs, etc. have competitions. Is there a summer program for academically gifted high school students? If your guidance counselor is on the ball, she/he should be working to get you placed with scholarships. Make a visit to that office, and see how they can help you. You’re right to start in your junior year; some deadlines are already passed.

You may find this book helpful.

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