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Aside from Kennel cough (which she's immunized for) Why would my dog be coughing?

Asked by Judi (39892points) January 18th, 2009

Can I give her 1/2 a Benadryl? It seems like she has “post nasal drip.” She’s 10 years old and will not cooperate with the vet. She becomes a nervous wreck in the vets office. She is a Queensland sheltie mix.

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My roommate’s dog used to cough a lot right before a bundle of hf chewed sticks or foam came shooting out onto the carpet.

Is it possible that she ate something that is stuck in her throat?

I’m not so sure about giving her a Benedryl…

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It really could be anything. Dogs cough just like humans do to expel whatever sort of irritant in the throat that may be bothering them. I would wait to see if the cough got worse before administering any OTC product and/or call your vet for advice (you don’t need to plan a visit). If you describe the cough to them they are most likely able to give you the best way of dealing with the problem. They also can give you appropriate dosing instructions for medications that will be tailored specifically for the weight of your dog.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your pup!

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Is it a cough or a reverse sneeze?

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The Bordatella vaccination is a lot like a flu shot that people get. It covers a variety of strains but not all of them. There’s some nasty stuff going around this winter so you might want to get her checked out by your vet.

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Do you see anything that she’s chewed on that she may have inhaled? She may be trying to dislodge something.

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Tell her to lay off them outback cigars. Or maybe you yourself shouldn’t lite up in her presence. Mostly, it’s probably a tumor.
Say goodnight, Irene.

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@vandlonski Now what kind of answer is that?

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I agree!!!!!

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At her age, it could be CHF (congestive heart failure) or other cardio-pulminary problem. Could you ask the vet for a mild tranquilizer appropriate for her size/weight to give her before you leave the house with her?

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Coughing in dogs can be caused by infectious disease (bordatella), physical irritation (a grasson caught in the nasopharynx, for example), physical defects (a collapsing trachea), or as a side effect of serious disease (heartworm infection or heart disease).

You didn’t mention how long this has been going on or how severe the signs are. If it does not resolve in a day or two, I would plan on taking her into your veterinarian for an exam.

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Dhe HAS been chewing stuff she never chewed before. I have had to throw out more than a few rolls of toilet paper.

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Eww, now i’ve got the feeling of toilet paper stuck wrapped around my tonsils and it makes me want to start coughing. I’d start by offering her lots of water.

But Syz definitely would be the expert opinion…

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She will freak out for an exam. She becomes wild, scared to death just being in the exam room, much less coming near her. It’s time to get her teeth cleaned so I would almost suggest knocking her out to examine her except if she has a respiratory issue I’d be afraid that knocking her out could kill her.

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Have you tried a house call vet? If she’s more comfortable in her own home, she may allow an exam. They are extremely limited in what they can do outside of a clinic setting, but you could at least get an exam done.

What respiratory issue does she have? Could it be related to her cough? How bad are her teeth? (Truly nasty teeth can shower the heart – and other organs – with bacteria.)

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I get her teeth done every year, but her breath has been pretty bad lately. I don’t know WHAT the cough is, and IF it is a respiratory issue I wouldn’t want them to knock her out. I am busy until Tuesday, but I think I’ll call the vet tomorrow and see if I can get her an appointment.

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Ah, I see, I misread. Sorry.

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Howe you doggy doing today?

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