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How can I get a video someone posted of me on facebook on to my computer?

Asked by qualitycontrol (2570points) January 18th, 2009

I want to copy and/or download it…any ideas? I want to post it on youtube.

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I would just ask the person who posted it on facebook to email it to you, or if you see them regularly, I would ask them to put it on a flash drive or something to get it onto your computer. I think facebook tries to make sure that you can’t just take anyone’s video off the site.

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I have done this a couple times.

- Open the Facebook video page.
– Go into the browser menu and select “View source”.
– A new window with the page code will open. Use the “find on page” tool to look up “video_src”. The address next to this phrase (which begins with “…”) is the address of the video itself.
– Copy this URL and paste it to a new browser window.
– Replace every ”%3A” with ”:” and ”%2F” with ”/” – there will be several slashes in the final URL.
– View the page of the new and improved URL, and you should see the video.
– Go to the menu and hit “Save page as…” to save the file to your hard drive.

Of course, you could always just ask your friend for the video. Then you could avoid such trouble. Plus, it’s better to ask a person’s permission first, especially if you’re posting this on Youtube.

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try to find it in ur template files for the browser.n the template file should be in the disk that ur operation system n web browser installed,n i heard a web browser named:maxthon before,seems like it could download any media files of any web page,

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