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Printing digital pics online?

Asked by kfingerman (992points) January 18th, 2009

Where should I go online to get photos printed nicely for frames and albums and all that old-fashioned stuff?

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I love Kodak Gallery.
I use it for all my pics that I want in physical form. The quality is fantastic and it’s very cheap for what you get.
It’s ideal for making posters too.

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Oh, not to mention the 20 free prints you get for signing up too, so you can test them out.

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PE Photo, best prices I have found, we placed a test order with them and the quality was top notch, delivery was fast, packing was great 4×6 for 8 pennies, 16×21 for Abt $8 link

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If you have a Mac, you can order right from iPhoto. Totally integrated process – capture, organize, crop, order prints. Great quality, reasonably priced, quick delivery. You can also assemble prints into bound, easy-to-design books.

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Sure, Kodak Gallery is great, except that I work in a retail store photo lab and people can’t understand that “your order has been shipped” doesn’t mean that it’s immediately ready to pick up at the store.

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Mpix is a powerful site, gives you lots of options. It is widely used by pros.

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I have tried many of the above. And I really like Mpix too. Great quality, price and the site works great. They print and ship within 2–3 days in most instances. I am a Mac guy. But the prints through iPhoto are not good enough for me. They are printed ink on paper off of an Indigo digital press. I think you need to test a couple of sites and find out which works best for your needs.

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Try Googling “Vintage photos” Europe 20th century, if old pics are your thing. Or, Artistic nudes, Black and White, if that does it. There is a whole world of pics available on sites that would astound anyone, for free. Just select the highest resolution images. they’re best for further manipulating in your favorite photo processing software. Just peruse the sites you’ll find, and there are an incredidable amount of places to find. If you know your niche, focus on that and you’ll find plenty of pics that will most likely change your life, really!! Get some personal-user friendly software that you can relate to, and mess with the saved images on your picture files folders. Change colors, invert colors, crop, enlarge etc. Print at your leisure. I like to enlarge to get into pixel sized spaces, change coloring and discover things that otherwise would never come to be seen when brought back into regular size. Weird, sublime, emotional, tragic, exstatic, super-real anxst,.. it’s all available via websites right now, all for free. and if your so inclined, for xtra fees too. You be the one who decides. Millions of artisans have put their works out on the internet “For You”. Enjoy!! It’s what it’s all about!!
Just have a good printer and some tastefull frames to display your discoveries!!

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