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When was the happiest moment in your life?

Asked by Toowise (4points) January 21st, 2009
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When I achieved something that I really wanted, I felt really happy.
For example, when I passed the test, when I finished the project, when I was elected as a class captain…

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The year my family and I went back to a holiday resort in Northern Spain we’d been to the year before. I had looked forward to it all year and was so excited! And then the whole holiday…some of the best times of my life. Sun, sea, sand, san miguel and sex mmmmmm :-)))

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Around 1998 there was a comet that swung by. It had a Japanese name. But I don’t remember it.

So I was at work at the movie theater one night and David was staring into the sky with binoculars. I asked him what he was looking at and he told me about the comet. It was barely visible to the naked eye. (light pollution)

The next night some friends wanted to go up to cougar hot springs. This is high up in the Cascades. So we were in the hot springs and I saw the same comet. But it was huge. Like it covered a quarter of the sky. It was amazing.

I felt small. I was still under the same delusion that I was invincible. But I realized I wasn’t. There was more out there. I’m not talking about god. I’m talking about beauty. And that is when I became a hippy that hates hippies.

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When I was with the love of my life.

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I don’t know. I keep expecting for that moment to arrive some day.. depressing.. but true

come to think of it.. best moment was when i was a kid… woke up.. sun hitting the wall by my bed.. and i knew i had the whole entire day to do nothing but play…. it was warm outside.. i had not a worry in the world.. that was my best moment

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I was probably pretty happy when my my mom brought my younger brother home. I’d like to think that was my happiest moment thus far – seeing him, all innocent and baby-ish… Who knew he’d turn out to be such a brat?

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Standing up on a trotting horse like a circus girl, at sunset on the beaches of Ecuador, I was living in Quito at the time. The Andes were in the distance, and I was wearing the necklace my mother bought me as a present from a street vendor.

I felt like I was part of the sunset, being very pale and golden haired I soaked up all the sunlight and it bounced right back off me. I remember thinking my curly hair looked like fire.

My fifth birthday was kind of amazing.

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There have been many times in my life when I have felt an overwhelming sense of joy. They have happened out of the blue, generally unconnected to any event. I’ve just stopped and basked in the moment and told myself ‘I’m going to remember this forever’. When things are not so happy I can always recall those moments

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@asmonet you should so be a writer!!!

@galileogirl i so that to….. i can still remember standing outside my grandma’s house – we were getting ready to take the 3 hour trip back home at night, I was stood next to the car looking down at the the curb and i could see the street lamp reflecting in the puddle in the gutter… i said, “I’m going to remember this moment forever” it was a beautiful picture and full of heavy, sad feelings.

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@lynneblundell: Haha, while I don’t think that’s a very good example, I kind of am one. Thanks! :)

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When my first child was born. Truly the most jaw dropping, incredible unbelievable experience. When he screamed I couldn’t have been happier to hear his voice. Amazing!

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@introv – Aww!

Thus far, my happiest moment was when I got an internship to that Really Big TV Show my junior year of uni. I’d sent off my application, but I wasn’t even expecting to get an interview. I looked like hell, too: wrong-coloured makeup, suit much too small, hair had 2 inches of dark roots and was all split ends and fuzz, etc., etc. I’d had no time to prepare myself properly once I got the call. But as for the interview itself? I wanted that place so badly I could taste it and I killed. Got the job on the spot.

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Living in a tent refugee camp at the stunning Mediterranean Italian sea shore for three months. We kids had a blast playing in mids of sand dunes, sea shells,little lizzards,bats,sun,and clear sea waters

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I was happy the day that I finally got out of my mother’s womb. I could not wait to get out into the world and start dong things on my own. Although my mother kept me quite healthy I could not wait for the day when I would be able to walk around by myself.

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@johnpowell: Comet Hyakutake the spring of 1996 and Hale-Bopp in the spring of 1997.

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I think my happiest moment is when I was born. Nothing will ever top that.

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Making my mother proud when I was a kid, and seeing her smile knowing that I made her happy. That was a great feeling… And proposing to my fiance, I will never forget teary eyed yes she gave me.

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@gailcalled :: It was Hyakutake.

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@jp; They were both spectacular in the dark-sky area where I live and almost a year apart. One of my observational highlights, beaten only by the Leonid meteor shower in Nov. 2001 and the total solar eclipse in March, 1970 (guessing that date.)

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It wasn’t the happiest moment in my life,
as those are as galileogirl already mentioned
generally unconnected to any event.

And I imagine that when I have a child,
that will supercede all the others.

But I did experience a kind of perfect moment.
I don’t really know how else to describe it.

We were on a camping trip with a bunch of friends. After setting up camp, we decided to hike down to the beach. We hadn’t a clue where we were going, depending entirely on one guy who insisted that we go this way no, this way.

When we finally heard the distant lapping of waves against the shore, the whole group kind of went crazy and started crashing through the brush. As we broke through and sunk down in the sand, it was beautiful. I grew up along the beach, but here there was no light pollution. There was just the infinite darkness of the ocean and the twinkling of stars above.

There was a flurry of shoes and socks. Then everyone made for the water. In the midst of all this jubilant chaos, I glanced down and noticed something amazing. I didn’t quite believe my eyes at first, but it appeared as if my footsteps were glowing.

I pranced around a few steps to see if I was just hallucinating. Sure enough, my footprints were glowing in my wake. A soft pulse of light. I started doing what must have appeared to have been a crazy man’s dance; stamping my feet, gesticulating wildly and shouting for everyone to look at my footprints.

It took a moment, but the comprehension washed across their faces with broad smiles and shrieks of delight. Everyone broke into a crazed primitive dance, stamping their feet in the wet sand. The shore lit up with our pulsing footprints.

Inevitably, someone began to sing Billy Jean. The whole group joined in and our voices rose and fell together, punctuated by this perfect kind of laughter. It was the kind of laughter that made you feel that all was right in the world.

And in that moment, it kind of was.

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@Nimis – That was beautiful…

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@shadling21 Thanks!
Though I must have slipped past the brink of cheesy at some point.
But I can’t help myself—it was a cheese-inspiring moment for me!

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I think that was the holy kind of cheesy right there!

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Holey cheese, you say? Om nom nom!
(Apparently besides being cheesy, I can also be quite puntastic.)

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Me too, doncha think?

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Absolutely! We should have a puntastical party.
Though I think that might make Gail frown.

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Hey, all. I frown only when I don’t like my own writing. I am not sitting here being the Great Curmudgeon (at least not most of the time), as some of you imagine.

My personal opinion on puns is of interest to no one but me…altho (as I have said before,) the great comic writer, Molière, said that after three times, it ceases to be funny. And could Aristotles said the same thing?

I do think that flirting online is fun for the flirters but should be taken to Motel Fluther 6.

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Awww…I don’t imagine you sitting around being the Great Cumudgeon.
Though I did imagine the combination
of two things you so seem to love
would surely eek out a frown.

It’s nice to be wrong though. :)

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…hold on nope, my fav day is yet to come when my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will come for all who are His.

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@seVen: Did you forget about your mission on Fluther for a minute there?

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I was engaged to my best friend and business partner, we were young, good looking, healthy, positive and making money with a bunch of loving friends and family around us, we thought we could do anything and that we’d been blessed by God.

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Never had one, so I can’t tell you.

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