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Did Nickelback attempt any damage control after widespread ridicule?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10488points) February 26th, 2017

Nickelback is loathed.

Did they do anything to stop it, or to capitalize on this infamy?

What could they have done? Better music? Changed their style? Did the negative attention help them sell even more records, and tickets?

What would you do to combat this bad press?

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Well, I can only answer the last part, about what I would do. I would not be named Nickelback. Because the name Nickelback has me so prejudiced against them, that I have not bothered to even identify anything about them. I just assume they are some annoying 90’s or 2000’s generic semi-corporate pop music band that I won’t like, and that I should shield myself from them. Of course, I have that attitude towards many things in pop culture, but the impression of generic meaninglessness of the name Nickelback is enough to avert my interest entirely.

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I never understood the general disdain for that band.
Someone care to explain?

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They sold a lot of singles that were ballads. A lot of pure,nonconformist rockers don’t like that. They want their musicians jaded,and down to Earth. Nickel Back has solid hard rock roots,but like many artists before them (Biggie Smalls,Tupac, Metallica etc)they had to step outside of the box a bit,and make songs that would sell or appeal to a larger audience.

Hard core music fans (some) call this “selling out.” I don’t. They’re just chasing the cheddar. Good for them.

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They’re like white bread. It’s the most derivative, formula based musical crap the industry feeds people who like harder rock but are not “music lovers” and will not stray from what is on the radio. That guys voice is like fingernails down a chalkboard to me. Soooo generic and unoffending. Every single song is exactly the same. I actually really hate nickelback.

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I’m not sure they need damage control, they are still selling plenty of albums. Their formula works. Plenty of musical groups remained successfull for decades because they stick with the same formula. Just look at Aerosmith or ACDC.

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I don’t get all the huff and fuss over Nickelback? I happen to like the band and this song is as bad ass as it gets. Getting Kid Rock and Elton to sing on the tune was epic.

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Why would they need “damage control” or to do anything different when what they’re doing works for them?

They make safe, middle-of-the-road arena rock for people who like safe, middle-of-the-road arena rock. And they sell a metric fuck-ton of albums doing it. More power to ‘em. I mean it’s not to my taste, but it’s easy enough to ignore music I don’t like.

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