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Eminem is making a new album, what do you think?

Asked by jamzzy (885points) January 21st, 2009

its been a while since the marshall mathers lp, which to me is a great piece of work. do you think it will have that big of a impact? or do you think it will just go unnoticed, like encore, OR have you never really cared for eminems music. and if you havnt why not?

heres a peak at whats to come

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I just hope he has something new to say. We know about the roots, the hardships, the ex, the drugs, the martyrdom…being such a highly talented and influential person, I really, really hope he doesn’t blow it this time.

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Sounds okay… I really hope it’s better than his last one.

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i think he’s very talented (even though i don’t really listen to that genre of music), i would listen more of the lyrics weren’t always so hateful.. even if it is “real”.. there’s enough hate in the world already.. everyone knows it’s need to propagate it =)

then again i haven’t listened in a while.. last i heard he was talkin about someone being thrown in the trunk and driven off a bridge or some such

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@NaturalMineralWater Stan

I think Eminem’s, Dr Dre’s music is great but they should have stayed retired and just appeared on ther rappers songs,(look at what happened to snoop dogg, went from this to this) I hope this doesn’t happen to them…

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Must need some money. That’s why I go back to work each day, anyway.

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firefox is being obnoxious and i can’t play it right now, but i’m excited. i like him. i think a lot of his lyrics are outrageous and violent and whatnot, but whenever i feel like he’s pushing it, i remember this interview i read where he said something about how expressing his anger through his songs was his alternative to actually taking it out in a dangerous way. and i can’t put him down for doing that. also i think he’s pretty talented, and seems like a good person if you got to know him.

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Immediate reaction: LOL.

..I’ll give it a chance though. I’ve just grown out of him lately.

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I thinks it’s about time. Then maybe Dre will get off his ass and drop Detox.

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@onesecondregrets i know what you mean lol

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