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Any experiences (good or bad) with DCI or college marching band?

Asked by evegrimm (3714points) September 6th, 2009

Please share any experiences that were memorable, good or bad.

Would you recommend the experience to someone else?

What would you recommend for someone interested in DCI but who is over 21?

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I was going to ask what DCI is but then I found this.

Wouldn’t it be similar to experiences in high school marching band? Except the games are physically farther apart?

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(laughs) I actually did march in HS, and was interested to see what people said were the differences/similarities. I’ve been considering doing the college thing, but wanted to see what people said.

I guess there’s not a lot of overlap between ‘people who like Fluther’ and ‘people who like/were in marching band/DCI’.

Who knew?

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I suspect a lot of Flutherites were nerds and not interested in marching band.

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Haha, I’m both.

But, yeah, I would say a lot of of people in marching band aren’t as nerdy, as, say people in College Bowl.

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