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What are the best, drumsticks, ever?

Asked by fortris (680points) January 21st, 2009

I have slightly large hands, and I’m currently using the Rock Band stock drumsticks, which are causing a blister to form on my right middle finger. This is quite bothersome, so what are the best drumsticks I can get that will be best for playing rock band, normal drums, and not cause blisters?

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Drum sticks do not cause blisters…It’s the friction of your hands on the stick that cause the blisters and they will form. I have been playing drums my entire life and my hands feel like baseball gloves.

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If you play enough the blisters turn into judo’s “baseball gloves”, it doesnt matter what kind of sticks you use. I have no idea how you are getting a blister on your middle finger, maybe you should try a different grip. I currently use the Zak Starkey Zildjian sticks which I love!!

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Oh man, I clicked on this question ready to say Blue Bunny makes the best Drumsticks ever! Never mind.

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I read it that way too! I was gonna say, my Mom!!!

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@loser, your mom makes drumsticks at home? How cool! I would love to hear how she does it.

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@supermouse I don’t know if I’ll ever get her to divulge her secret, but I’ll ask her!

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Vic Firth 8D’s.

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I hate Drumstick. I prefer wings and breasts.

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@ChazMaz Hahaha. You’re hilarious.

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Stevie Gadd Black. They last!

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