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Please Comment & Critique this Home Improvement Plan:?

Asked by glowfull (38points) August 6th, 2008

2×3 floor joists on top of existing pressboard flooring with radiant heat pipes woven through notches in the studs with strips of metal flashing to hold them down- reflective foam and sand between the studs and around the PEX pipes, and (here’s where i need the big help:) tounge and groove pine nailed into the studs, or plywood with cork tiles…...

planning simple stain & polyurethane for color and durability on the pine….

does anyone have experience with pine floor and radiant heat?
does anyone have a cork floor critique?

We have 3 big dogs, and welcome the groovy grooves from their nails- we like to feel Home, yet we dont want it destroyed. we also want something easy to clean.


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I don’t have any of the cool radiant heat stuff. I do have a big dog and a pine floor.

The dog does track in dirt, but I have the pine Varathaned or something similar, and her
nails don’t make a dent. However,

a) the Varathane darkens from creamy to honeyed with UV exposure, so it’s good to move the furniture around quite a bit in the first couple of years.
b) moving furniture around by sliding the far end, without another person to pick up (as opposed to slide) the other end, will rake big canyons in softwood.
c) Heavy furniture, or light furniture with heavy people sitting in or on it, will leave pockmarks over time.

I love my scratched/scarred pine floor and you will love yours.

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My only misgiving would be the movement of the wood. Putting wood over radiant flooring is like drying the wood in an oven. You may need a humidifier to stabilize the wood. I would contact a radiant floor specialist and run your ideas past them. Good luck!!!

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Make certain the wood is DRY before installing. Have someone with a wood mosture meter check it… something under 10% is good. Let it dry in the house for a long time if it is not dry. Otherwise you will have some ugly shrinkage.

I have heart pine on an office floor. The chair rollers mark it, but looks great.

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According to me, you should contact with a trusted home improvement company that offers best quality services which will make your home more beautiful.

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It would have been different with one or two dogs, but having three big dogs should need a strong flooring option. I agree with Stevenb, get a professional’s help.Hope this helps.

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