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what material should I put on my summer house kitchen floor, when it's rented for nine months a year?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) November 8th, 2006
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it should be natural cork
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Depending on how much you want to spend, quarry tile, or perhaps linoleum or tile squares?
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I love the idea of cork, but have been told it's a bad idea. But I once saw a great summer house with cork and I just thought it was fantastic. Maybe it could be ruined by renters? Maybe quarry tile is a better bet--although it's cold and hard. But with a little rug. should be okay. I'll think more about the cork, though. Thanks.
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If it stays a rental. cheap sheet linoleum is all that is needed..Sheet linoleum also has up to a 25 year warranty and looks very high end…very cost effective for a rental…Renters should carry insurance anyway!..

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Yeah, for a rental, linoleum. If you’re concerned about aesthetics, I’ve seen some really cool linoleum in home magazines lately. You can go old-timey with the black and white checkerboard, or combine other colors like gray and pink or red and green. Okay, that sounds bad but trust me, I’ve seen it and it’s really, really nice. Very retro.

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