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What should i do?

Asked by candacewells4 (83points) January 23rd, 2009

i used to be best friends with this girl for years and year when we were little. last year, i finally got tired of all the things she’s put me through and realized i didn’t deserve to be that unhappy. i still hold a grudge against her a little but she constantly tries to get closer to me. i think she misses me, and i wouldn’t mind just being ok friends with her, but i don’t want to get too close and have her screw me over like she’s done so many times before. she always used me to have someone over to my house, she treated me horrible, blamed me for every fight, never wanted to spend time with me, talked about me behind my back when we were supposedly best friends, etc. what should i do?

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How has she “screwed you over”?

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Is this the same person or are you talking about a different friend…..?

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Friends change. People change. You’re under no obligation to keep being friends with someone just because you were when you were little. From what you’ve written your “friend” seems to be a pretty lousy one who doesn’t respect you, and nowhere in your question did you say what positive things your friend brings to your life, so I can see no reason why you’d want to keep being friends with this person.

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If you don’t want to totally write her friendship off, just be friendly, but less and less available to her. dynamicduo is right. People grow and change as they do. It sounds like you have outgrown her. Be really boring around her. Sooner or later, she will move on to other friends that she finds more available to her.

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Is this Chris Hansen?

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Yeah, are you friends with Amy Winehouse? TV reality shows have really changed things in the past 10 years.

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