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Which one should i get a guinea Pig or a rabbit?

Asked by Fancymouse (9points) January 23rd, 2009

which is the cuddliest lowest of cost and not so much work

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I can’t stand Guinea Pigs, from what I remember there not that bad on maintence. Rabbits I have owned 12 from dwarfs very cute to big floppy eared ones we named him Floppsie. Not to bad but there big teeth in both scare the hell out of me, mainly cause they always like to bite me….

I like chinchullas, hedge hogs, flying squirrels. Or ferrets I think ferrets are cute fun and easy, you can train them to go in cat litter boxes around the house…Plus Ferret Bowling is fantastic.—Its actually and activity that helps there sinuses and breathing so its not a cruel activity, and so much fun.—

In regards to ferrets some complain about smells I never really minded it since I have had so many pets… plus you can get the part that produces the musk removed like spaying or neutering a dog or cat.

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which is the cuddliest

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You do not have a cuddly choice up there Fancymouse. Cuddly exists in cats & dogs, ferrets, sugar gliders and little pigs.
Guinea Pigs are one of the most high anxiety animals while rabbits chew through everything.

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Two words…Tazmanian Devil.

coming to an outback dumpster near you

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maybe i should get my dad int rabbits or ferrets

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The judges would have also accepted, “You have to ask yourself, Which one will hurt the least when I insert it?”.

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I love rabbits. No honestly here, I think rabbits are much nicer than guinea pigs. I spent a lot of time with my rabbits and they became used to me and became very docile. If you don’t spend a lot of time with your rabbit, it may not be as nice.

Rabbits can be cuddly. I used to sit one on my tummy and it would sleep there while I watched TV or read. But then again, I probably spent more time with rabbits than with people!

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wate okay if i get a rabbit will it smell bad cuz thats what my daddy said he said his was all stinky and pooed everywhere

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Guinea pigs are a delicacy in Ecuador. They fry them.

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Whatever, They both taste nice…

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@Eambos : Heh I lived there for a year with my extended family, and yes they do.

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I like rabbits better. Because you can hold them. Guinea pigs, yeah you can hold them, but not for long. And they are less cuddly because they are small. I cn sit and watch TV with my cousin’s Rabbit.

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Guinea Pigs are both cuddly and cost less.They are by far the cheapest

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