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How do I ask my employer why I wasn't paid for actual time worked? I'm not salaried, i'm a LPN who constantly works OT and has yet to see my check/time card reflect my actual hours worked!! I'm getting gyped, how do I resolve this without losing my job?

Asked by amyyy (27points) January 24th, 2009
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And is your overtime schedule and pay schedule synched up, so that you are actually working overtime? I would keep track of your time on your own, and talk to payroll.

How long have you had this job, and is this a new problem?

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You could stop using potentially offensive terms like ‘gypped’.

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Gyped is potentially offensive? Are you a gypsy? So sorry ! I’m a NURSE whose job it is to take care of people on a daily basis and the last thing I am is offensive or stereotypical. Wow. But thank you to any other people of any and all races, creeds, colors, nationalities,or sexual orientation, who would like to answer.

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confer with your peer to see if they have the same problem and/or seek a remedy by going to what is considered your HR department

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Of course, anyone who doesn’t take offense or see your choice of words as offensive is welcome to answer, but not little old me. An your job does not exclude you from making offensive remarks.

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I would first go to my supervisor or right to HR to see if I could get it resolved that way. If that didn’t work, I’d file a complaint with the Labor Board.

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@asmonet I’ve heard the term gypped hundreds of times and never associated it with gypsies.. I think it’s a perfectly acceptable term. Grow up

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Hey you two! Calm it down!

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WOW offensive terms like ‘gypped’. PC run amuck!! I agree with Perch….

I heard yesterday on NPR that there were 41K available jobs in out state and 150K out of work. Of those 41K jobs 95% paid $9.00/hour or less. So be careful, if you have a decent job. Someone else may want what you have.

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A company doesn’t have the right to rip someone off just because there are other people looking for jobs….

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I said potentially for a reason, not everyone sees it as offensive though some do and I prefer to err on the side of caution. So, exactly how is it that I need to grow up?

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Just ask your HR or someone in payroll it may just be a big misunderstanding.

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I have to agree with asmonet on this one. Even if she didn’t mean it offensively, it still is offensive. It’s the same as saying “that’s so gay”, which anyone with a brain would take offense to. What if instead the term was, “I got niggered”? How many people would still be saying it isn’t offensive? None.

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Simply bring it up to your supervisor in a calm professional way. If they have no intention of paying you for the overtime, then you have some decisions to make.

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(sorry, slight threadjack, can’t make whisper signal work, consider this whispered please):
“Getting gypped” means “getting cheated”, which is then a slur on gypsies’ stereotyped
perceived propensity for cheating. Some gypsies do not cheat people and so they are outraged when the stereotype is used. Other gypsies do cheap people and they don’t like it either.
Drastic Dreamer got it.
It’s okay not to have known this. But now you do.

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I have to say, I didn’t know that. I never really used the phrase anyway, but now that I know I won’t start…it’s like the old “I jewed him down” to mean getting a cheaper price. My ex-husband (Jewish) and I used to respond to that one “why not christianed?”

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“Gypped” is an antagonistic term, as if you’re expecting your employer to be deliberately cheating you. If you start a conversation with anyone from that perspective, it won’t go well. “My paycheck was miscalculated” would be a better choice of words. It could very well be an accounting entry problem, or a software glitch. Assuming of course, that your time was recorded correctly, and the overtime days are in pay cycle.

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Asmonet and DrasticDreamer: With all do respect, shut your mouths. If anyone if actually offended by ‘gypped,’ perhaps the internet isn’t anywhere you should be. Perhaps you should be at home coloring.

DrasticDreamer, I’m sitting here with my homosexual Uncle and he doesn’t take offense to ‘that’s so gay.’ Are you suggesting he doesn’t have a brain? Perhaps you’ve just led a sheltered life.

‘I’ve got niggered’? Did you make that up yourself? I don’t even know what that means. But hey, When in Rome!

Yes, I’m saying that Romans are racists. So are you DrasticDreamer!!!

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@urinelpuck, a little pissy this morning?

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@urinelpuck: With all due respect, shut your mouth. So you’re saying because we’re on the internet we should have to tolerate bigotry, racism and general ignorance? No, I don’t think so, so sorry.

If your uncle doesn’t have a problem with people saying “that’s gay”, which is meant as nothing but a pure derogatory term towards all gay people, yes, I guess I am saying he doesn’t have a brain. Besides, just because he doesn’t have a problem with it doesn’t mean anyone else isn’t allowed to.

As to “I got niggered”, yes I made that up – to prove a point. Because it’s exactly the same as saying “I got gypped.. If you have no problem with people saying “I got gypped” but you would take a offense to “I got niggered” you’re a complete hypocrite. What you’re saying is that it’s okay to use derogatory terms associated with one group of people, but it’s not okay to do it to another.

If you take my remarks as racism, I suggest re-reading what I wrote before. I am clearly not. If I was, I would definitely not have a problem with “I got gypped”. Look a little closer before you decide to try and make a point and call someone racist, when clearly you can’t even understand what was written.

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Although the “gypped” debate is bringing up some interesting points of discussion, would anyone be terribly against posting a separate question for it rather than continuing to sideline this question? Myself, I know a lot of people who have been in a similar situation to the amyyy, and am curious to see how others would resolve the situation….

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The way to resolve this is to prove it. In order to prove it you have to keep separate records of your own for the hours worked. You take your paystub, look at the hours your records show you worked for that pay period and determine what the difference is, and you call HR, and say “There is a discrepancy between the hours you show I worked on the last pay check, and what my records show. What is the process for addressing this?” If you have a time card that you are required to keep, make regular copies of it.

My daughter thought that she wasn’t compensated for overtime over the holidays, but she failed to take into account that her schedule for the following week reflected less hours, and therefore, for the pay period, she worked 78 hours, even though 55 of those hours were in one week. You have to make sure you 100% understand the compensation framework and the process before going on the attack. I would assume software or entry error before jumping to malicious intent. If it does turn out to be something weird, ask to see the written employment policy about compensation computation.

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As Alfreda says approach the situation with a polite not accusatory demeanor. All workplaces have to post the labor laws, Some states have different rules than the Federal labor laws but the Federal law says OT only has to be paid for more than 40 hrs/week. So you can work over 8 hrs in a day and not get overtime. Also you can work a 6th day w/o OT as long as you don’t go over 40 hrs that work week. Also lunch and break times are not counted. Another thing about nursing facilities is under federal law instead 40hrs over 7 days they can choose to pay on an 80 hr over 14 day schedule.

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