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Is ventriloquism actually comedy?

Asked by Blondesjon (33658points) January 25th, 2009 from iPhone

For real.

fuck jeff dunham, apologies to edgar bergen

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I think if it makes people laugh then yes.

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@Blondesjon: Jeff Dunham is the Michael Jordan of ventriloquism and, yes, it IS comedy.

Your opinion is noted as just that, an opinion… even if it is wrong.

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Can be a form of comedy if it is accompanied by jokes (which often it is). I personally rarely find it funny. Almost everyone I know thinks Jeff Dunham is funny, but I beg to differ.

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If It’s done with the intent to make people laugh, then it’s comedy. Just because it is an attempt at comedy, it doesn’t automatically become funny.

I can’t stand Jeff Dunham.

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Too bad there isn’t a “Good Question but Bad Comment” button you could click to take away points.

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There are still working ventriloquists? I thought Wayland Flowers and Madame were the last of a dying breed. Shows what I know!

I guess they’re supposed to be funny, but that sort of act isn’t my cuppa.

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If Carrot top is considered comedy then i think if someone can make a puppet talk without moving his lips then i say : YES

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@jac: Exactly


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eghhhhhh Jeff Dunham NOT FUNNY. I agree, he’s a good ventriloquists, it takes talent to pull that off, but that guy is not funny at all.

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It’s comedy by definition. And this question should have read: “Would you agree that Jeff Dunham isn’t funny?”

But yes, ventriloquism isn’t one of my favorite things.. it falls right in there with mimes.

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@NaturalMineralWater…I’ve no control over which direction the answers to my questions take.

ok…maybe a gentle nudge here and there

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Well, if the dummy is funny…

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Well as far as comedy goes, I think that the act of ventriloquism itself is not comedy. The skill simply allows for an individual to play two parts, usually to show-off both his knack for witty banter and ability to throw their voice.

And yes, I can understand why you would hate Jeff Dunham. I was a fan, back when it was still just Walter, peanut and jose jalapeno, but the new characters are all much too profane and stereotypical. He’s trying to hard to be mainstream, and I’m not impressed.

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I think Wayland Flowers and Madame is hilarious!!!!

I bet you there are some really funny ventriloquists out there. Just like magicians. I am not huge fan. Then I saw a show on pbs and this Magician/comic came on and he made me laugh my ass off. His whole schtick was that nothing worked for him. It was funny as hell.

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Best magic/comedy show I’ve ever seen is The Amazing Johnathan.

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@Sakata – OH OH That’s another guy that was on the same PBS show but I couldn’t remember his name. You know what is cool is so many times when you see his clips his audience is filled with kids to.


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Taylor Mason has been rated to be the funniest ventriloquist in the world… by me :-D And he’s amazingly good. So much so that when he applied for America’s Got Talent they told him that he was too good for the show. (his mouth didn’t move at all, so people would think he was faking somehow—idiotic I know)

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Ask the dummy… I used to love the Fox that was on BBC tv, maybe still is?
works for me.

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I am with you! Jeff Dunham is about as funny as Ghallager or most things British… which is to say not fuckin funny.

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awwwwwww madcapper i was with you all the way until you said most things british :(. Brits are fucking hilarious.

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@uberbatman well at least I said “most” things British. That means I like some of it… you have to be a dolt not to like Monty Python. :)

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Very true, but British comedy is on a whole other level than American.

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are you by chance British?

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nope born and raised in NJ

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hmmm your strange… jk

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Everyone I know constantly tells me how hilarious Jeff Dunham is. I’m bored to tears during his act. I cannot describe how useless I think it all is.

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And the British are fucking hilarious.
Lurve for Lesbian Spank Inferno. Damn, I love that episode.

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Hold on there, whats wrong with the brits? They’ve given us so much; top gear, dr. who, and both at the same time!

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Whole post lurve for Foolaholic!

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I don’t laugh at Jeff Dunham, but if I was hanging around with my 7 yr old nephew and we didn’t have anything to do and it was a free show, then I would go watch him

As far as British Comedy I agree with madcapper that most stuff is lame, but some things are funny just because they are in a Brit accent like Stewie from Family Guy.
(I did like the movie Shaun of the Dead)

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I’ve always kept a place reserved for British comedy since I was a kid and first saw Are You Being Served? on PBS. I think that was my 1st British humor experience… even before Monty Python.

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@madcapper – its funny, i laugh my ass off at british comedy but I could not tell you why. And I can totally understand why others don’t think its funny but I couldn’t tell you why about that either.

@sakata – my first was Benny Hill. His songs made me laugh but I was 14 and really just wanted to see the boobs.

I knew I was hooked though when, in The life of Brian, he yells to 100’s of thousands “your all individuals” and they all yell in unison “we’re all individuals” and one guy yells “I’ m not”

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I grew up on British comedy. I love (most) British comedy to this day, though I’m a little less than thrilled with this series of The IT Crowd just ended. Ventriloquists, though? The only ones I like are these guys.

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I can do ventriliquism, watch:
shee shike shis. I Am schacting shike a shentshiloshist.

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@Bri_L…lurve for Life of Brian

And how have we left The Young Ones or The Black Adder out of a British humor discussion?

fuck you jeff dunham

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SHUT UP…I Keeel all of you….....

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See, that’s exactly what I was talking about! Stereotypes!

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@Foolaholic…I saw you lips move that time.

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Curses! Foiled again!

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@Foolaholic – You may just have my new favorite icon.


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lmao… is that a bunny with a Dirty Sanchez?


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@Sakata…There’s a great question.

Is it dirty sanchez or filthy sanchez?

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I’ve always heard Dirty… never Filthy.


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some call it the nasty sanchez

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Achmed! I didn’t think ventriloquism could be funny until I saw Jeff Dunham. My Communications professor looks like Achmed, I mindgiggle in class when he makes similar facial expressions to him.

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It may not qualify as comic, to some. In is entertainment and comedic only to those who appreciate it.

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