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Folder sharing between my PC and Macbook?

Asked by intro24 (1434points) January 25th, 2009

Okay, so I need help. My Vista PC has a folder on the desktop with images that needs to be shared with my MacBook over wifi so when I add a photo to one folder on either computer the other updates. I’m having difficulty making them play nice. Is what I want possible? Written instructions or just useful links are appreciated.

Thank you in advanced!

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Try Dropbox: It’s free and it works on PCs and Macs. You upload a folder to dropbox, and whenever it’s changed on either computer, it updates the other. Pretty dang cool, if you ask me. Hope that helps.

Oh, and I forgot to say, you download the dropbox program onto both computers. Instructions are on the site.

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Thanks for the quick response suzyg2463. I think I just managed to get it working by reseting the firewall and some other things but I’ll check out Dropbox, too.

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Windows live sync, works on a pc and mac. All you need is a windows live id.

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