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Let's dish about The Real World: Brooklyn.

Asked by tonedef (3930points) January 28th, 2009

So, ohmigod, you guys. This season has been really good so far. Is anyone else watching? Everyone in the house is likeable (but flawed), and MTV is really editing and handling the situations that happen in a really thoughtful and interesting way.

I feel like the show really is to show how different young people develop themselves and learn to live together. It’s not a group of finalists for the cast of the next Real World Road Rules Challenge. And so far, there has been ZERO housemate makeouts. Not drunk. Not in a hot tub. Not in micro bikinis. Nothing. It’s really a change of pace.

Who is your favorite housemate, and why?

I really like Scott. He has had woefully little airtime, and it looks like that won’t change tonight. He seems really open and honest. Though I have second thoughts after the “I’m single! I’m not single, I have a girlfriend” scenario from last week.

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Sarah, she seems like she would be a good friend. but who doesn’t like Katelynn?

I’ve been hooked on the show since the first season. guilty pleasure

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I LOVE SARAH! She seems so sweet and down to earth. I think the alliance that Chet and Ryan have isn’t good, something is bound to go down with the two of them and someone else. I also love Katelyn. I feel really bad that her boyfriend is such a dick.

I definitely love the shit out of this season!

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Yeah, Chet and Ryan are both sort of ignorant, and I think that they’re going to push someone a little too far. Sarah is such a sweet lady, and I’m worried about her for tonight’s episode. From what I’ve read, it’s going to be heartbreaking.

J.D. is just a bit too sanctimonious for my tastes.

Do you guys read fourfour? His recaps are so incredible. Not as good as his Top Model coverage, but good nonetheless.

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I saw the previews from when Sarah’s dad calls her and she talks about being sexually abused. That’s horrible.

I don’t really like J.D much, maybe because he’s kinda quiet.

I think something is gonna happen between Baya and Ryan, even though he has a girlfriend.. hmm.

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i like ryan i think hes funny and hes the hottest guy in the house…its been a little too serious for me so far i mean i dont like the seasons when all they do is party but all this has been is people talking about society and their differences and all their issues blah

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I think that’s what makes this season so much better. People have actual SUBSTANCE and VIEWS about things.

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holy shit…

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