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Does Jeff Bezos cameo in Young Frankenstein?

Asked by cschack (227points) January 29th, 2009

I read that Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, appears as one of the medical students at the very beginning of Young Frankenstein. IMDB doesn’t list him, and I can’t find any other references to him. It’s probably nonsense, but still…can anyone confirm or debunk?

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I found some corroborating evidence. Take a look at this link and then the 18th entry down which states:

In the film “Young Frankenstein”, what was the real-life name of the young medical student who persisted on pronouncing ‘Frankensteen’ as ‘Frankenstein’?

Jeff Bezos, founder and present CEO of

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totally bunk.

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I just played a copy of my Young Frankensteing DVD, paused it on the medical student, and compared it to pictures of Jeff Bezos that I found on Google. They look very similar to me. Convincingly so, in fact.

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once again (thanks for the confirmation Bluefreedom), totally bunk.

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IMDB says the role was played by Jeff Maxwell, who has several other roles to his credit.

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I called and talked to Jeff at the Amazon corporate offices in Seattle, Washington. He would neither confirm nor deny that he had a small role in the movie Young Frankenstein despite what I found in the link I posted above and what I saw on the DVD. Bummer.

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Here’s Maxwell (who also played Private Igor, the cook, on M.A.S.H.)

Here’s Bezos

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Thanks, guys. I guess I’m going to go with the “it’s bunk” theory here, though if you seriously called Amazon to ask, Bluefreedom, my hat is off to you, sir! :-)

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I’m having Jeff over for dinner and a movie Saturday, so I’ll try to work it into the conversation. Stay tuned.

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Well, I looked at all 3 pictures posted by Harp, and I gotta say, the same first name, and they look INCREDIBLY similar. The eyes, the ears, the neck, the eyebrows, the chin…I couldn’t find any individual characteristic that didn’t seem to match, leading me to think “could be”. But then I saw Bezos was born in 1964. Young Frankenstein was filmed in 1974. That medical student was a fair bit older than 10.

Mystery solved, they’re not the same guy.

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Danny Goldman is the actor who played the medical student asking all the questions. At first glance he reminds you of a young looking Paul Ruben. Its Danny Goldman.

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