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How do i sync my ipod on my computer?

Asked by meganjd (2points) January 30th, 2009

i have an ipod 2nd generation and it will no longer sync when i plug it into my computer

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have you tried rebooting the ipod?

also, try closing itunes, detaching the ipod from the computer and start from the beginning of the process.

if that doesn’t work, try doing a hard reset. it’ll erase everything, reinstall the ipod software, and then recopy all the songs in itunes to your ipod.

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It’s either the computer that’s the problem, the cable, or the iPod.

Start with the computer. I assume you’ve rebooted a few times, and tried syncing before opening any other programs, and the problem persists.

I would then check the cable itself to see if it’s been damaged. Either use another cable, or plug the same cable and same iPod in to another computer, preferably one that does not have an iPod connecting to it lest you may have songs transferred onto it.

Then, if all else fails, reset the iPod fully as @eponymoushipster says.

Let us know if you still have the problem.

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if nothing of that works,you can try to use add new hardware from control panel.This should detect your iPod(this worked for me)

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doooode, i had the exact same problem last week!! (see my question, ‘are you smarter than an apple genius?’) – i just reset the ipod!

(eponymous: you can’t do that kind of reset when you’re computer doesn’t recognize your ipod!! think about it!)

here’s what you need to do:
just plug your ipod into your computer. open itunes. then hold down the ipod’s menu button and the button in the middle of the wheel at the same time until you see the black screen with the silver apple in the middle of it.

wait and see what happens. 10 bucks says suddenly your ipod shows up in itunes.

good luck!

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@La_chica_gomela true true. forgot about that. mea culpa.

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