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What's your most embarrassing iPod roulette song?

Asked by forestGeek (9310points) February 13th, 2009

For anyone who played AstroChuck’s iPod roulette, did you have a song or two pop up that you were embarrassed about. If so what, and what’s the story?

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For me it was My Life, by Dido. Anyone who know me well would laugh at me for that song, but it was put on my iPod as a mix by by my ex, and I forgot it was still on there! :|

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Tie: Macarena, by Los Del Rio, and Living La Vida Loca, by Ricky Martin.

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It didn’t come up this time, but i have Jon Mayer – “My Stupid Mouth”. it was on there as a joke. Also, i have “Wake me Up before you go-go”, by Wham!.

thank goodness that’s 2 outta 6200 songs

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Living La Vida Loca

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Nice follow up. Honestly, I deleted all the ‘questionable’ songs a while ago. I’m not sure if there’s anything on my ipod I’d be that embarrassed about. It played The Clash twice in a ten song shuffle, something I probably wouldn’t do, but whatever.

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My iPod’s on shuffle all the time, there’s not that many songs on it anyway. That does mean I know the embarrassing songs by heart, namely some children’s songs (they make me happy :P): Wakker met een wijsje Tim Nix Spotlight, Camera, Microfoon Ik heb zo waanzinnig gedroomd and a Dutch version of the Hokey Pokey that I can’t find.

Go on, listen to those songs, you know you want to ;-)

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Honestly, nothing too embarrassing. A few songs from the soundtrack to Firefly came up, but i’m not ashamed to admit that I love Firefly and pretty much anything Joss Whedon has ever created.

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Funny, I have a bunch of Metal and Hardcore Punk, but none of that came up, it was mostly newer and Classic Rock. I was very surprised, but I did only play once.

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I was surprised that so much of the same stuff kept coming up. It makes me wonder how shuffle works/how random it really is (I think I Fluthered it but can’t remember).

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Probably In The Navy by the Village People. But I have a lot more embarrassing songs that haven’t popped up yet.

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@AstroChuck – Oh, contrary, no need to be embarrassed by that one!! Or any Village People song for that matter! Who isn’t happy when one of their songs come on…it’s like being mad at an ice cream cone, impossible.

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i have a lot that other people would see and be like “wtf” but i would have to say the one that comes to mind…

savage garden – i knew i loved you

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@forestGeek- Perhaps you think one of these two are a better choice then:
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do by ABBA or Goofy Goober Rock from the SpongeBob Squarepants Movie soundtrack.

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Our House – Madness
Mr. Roboto – Styx

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I think mine was the the from Jaws. Um, don’t ask.

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@AstroChuck – Oh, ABBA for sure! But I love SpongeBob.

Though I grew up with disco, ABBA, Village People and others remind me more of drunken Disco Dance Parties of the 90’s.

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Maybe Superstar by The Carpenters. But I like them. My mom always listened to them when I was growing up. I also have the Sonic Youth version,a nd I had back in the 90s when it came out. I did not discover it when Juno came out. (Just trying to up my coolness factor.)

Also, Rehab by Amy Winehouse. Back to Black was really a great album though. She’s just so overexposed now. I still do like the song.

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They’re all contextual. I have a “parent-safe” playlist—I had to explain some of the lyrics in the song “Hattie and Mattie” by Eric Schwartz to my mother a few years ago, and I learned my lesson.

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Ottawan – Hands Up

It’s a reeeally cheesy song from the disco era. Whenever my mom and I heard this song when I was little we would dance to it. Good memories.

Hands up, baby, hands up
Gimme your heart, gimme, gimme your heart, gimme gimme all your loooove! : )

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Get Naked by Britney Spears (plus some other guy, I forget his name)

I’m such a prude so it was really shocking/humiliating for others to hear!

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I’m embarrassed by nothing on my iPod.

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The Electric Slide by The Hit Crew. Oh wait. Maybe Pop Muzik by M.

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@Bluefreedom – Hey! Don’t dis M! Pop Muzik is a fine song! I wish I had that song on my iPod.

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@Bluefreedom – You needn’t be sorry. I just meant that I didn’t think that’s a song to be embarrassed by.

On the internet, no one knows you’re a fluffy kitten and not a bully.

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@aprilsimnel. Okay. All is well. :o)

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Marsupial Sue… a real fist pumping dude anthem.

However, it would have been worse publicizing my Shazam tags, which are nothing but what my daughter’s been listening to lately.

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surprisingly i didn’t (yet). though i’m not really embarrassed by anything i listen to, even ridiculous songs that i maybe should be embarrassed by. i do have some cute is what we aim for on my ipod though, and i’d maybe feel a little bit ashamed hahaha. but they’re a silly guilty pleasure to listen to when you’re feeling incredibly obnoxious and 12year-old-girl-like.

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My last go around came up with Rick Springfield’s Jessie’s Girl.

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Don’t Tell Me-Madonna

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I’m too sexy! Right Said Fred

Didn’t realize it was on the playlist I was playing at church for the retreat meeting! OH MY The notes said it should be TobyMac, What a hoot that was!! I was redfaced!

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I’m not embarassed by anything on my iPhone but if another is embarassed by my copy of “A Lapdance Is So Much Better When the Stripper Is Cryin’” by The Bloodhound Gang I’d consider it a minor victory.

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