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What movie would you really like to see remade?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14721points) January 30th, 2009

Inspired by BlueFreedom’s question.

What movie sounded great when you heard about it, but was utter crap when you saw it? Or maybe just the ending needed a makeover? Whatever it was—what movie would you really like to see remade into something far better than the original?

This question follows the theory a friend of mine has that the only remakes should be of crap movies.

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This is an interesting question.

Have you ever seen a sequel/remake that was better than the original? Seems to me they’re rare.

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A boy and his Dog..

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the new thomas crown affair was probably better than than the original but the majority of remakes and inparticular the glut of 1970’s horror films that have been remade and had the horror and the scares replaced with nothing but gore are a waste of time.

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20,000 leagues under the sea

The 1954 Kirk Douglass version is awesome but it’d be nice to see it redone.

Oh and now that I’m on the whole ocean topic, Moby Dick would be good.

(Granted Hollywood would ruin and crap on both of these marvelous stories but it’s just something nice and hypothetical to fantasize about).

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The Rose, made in 1979, and the only movie I ever walked out of. I was interested in Janis Joplin’s story, and was excited to see this movie when it came out, but it bored me to no end. I found it too repetitive. She goes on stage, yells “Hey Mother Fuckers!” sings a song, then gets wasted…over and over again.

It was like Groundhog Day. I would like to see it remade with more detail and a lot more substance. I’d like to know more about Janis Joplin other than the final party days that killed her. I loved her voice. It’s sad that we lost her so young.

I don’t know how it won awards except for Bette Miller’s singing, which was the only good thing about the movie to me.

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Gone with the Wind. I think that would be an awesome undertaking for some director.

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It was far from utter crap, but I think a remake using newer film technology could make it shorter and better.

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The first Hulk movie a while back sucked. The second Hulk movie (not a sequel) sucked a bit less.

I agree with your friend’s theory…remake the bad ones!

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While i love these movies and would be kinda scared if they remade it for possibly screwing it up, i think they could both be pulled off in a really awesome way. I want to see Clash of the Titans or The Odyssey.

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@ elchoopanebre
I heartily concur with this idea, and here I thought it was MINE! LOL Another one along this same vein would be Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea. Take the original story line, make it a bit darker in tone, add a central baddie, mysterious and deadly with a killer surprise ending; top it off with eye popping special f/x with glorious footage of underwater topography and oceanic wonders, and you’ve got a summber block buster. Are you Hollywood writers/scouts PAYING ATTENTION? Hmmmm?

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Some like it Hot.

I would be interested to see if they could ever top the original and who they would get to play the parts

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