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What is the best and worst film of all time that came from another medium?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) February 26th, 2010

Some movies just should not have been made. Some weren’t so bad. When I say other mediums I mean games, books, comics, graphic novels, etc.

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I’d say The Waitress was just about the worst movie I’ve seen recently, but it didn’t come from another medium to my knowledge… I expect any movie originating as a video game to be junk.

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All movies that originated with a Comic Book are excruciatingly, embarrassingly bad.

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@DarkScribe I thought Watchmen was ok…

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But, are those considered movies?

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To Kill a Mockingbrid was the best.

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Watchmen was spot on with the story, done so well that you could have thought the movie wrote the graphic novel, not the other way around.
I also thought the latest Batman was done well.
Steve Martins Shopgirl was another that was spot on.
The Resident Evil series was yet another kick ass movie set from a game.
The list is endless, Hollywood steals most of its ideas anyway.

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The best movie to come from a computer game was ‘Postal’. Pure gold.
The worst based on a game was ‘Hitman’. A true disgrace. Doom comes in second.
The most offensive movie of all time was the 2009 Star Trek Movie. Serial Child Rape by a horse with subsequent mutilation, dismemberment, death, necrophilia and cannibalism.

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The LOTR trilogy was the best in my opinion, perfectly portrayed with an outstanding cast.
The worst would have to be 30 days of night. Reading the graphic novels after seeing the movie made me realise how awful the transition from book to movie was. A good movie, but a bad port

::edit:: I am looking forward to the Halo movie, even though I know it will be a flop

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My favorite Comics turned movies were Superman, Sin City and The Road to Perdition.
The worst was Daredevil.

The best Cartoon to become a film? I can’t think of a good one that made the jump to live action.
The worst? The Flintstones, though my son would say Dragonball.

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@ragingloli Serial child rape?

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Yes. The movie is a brutal violation of everything I hold dear in Star Trek.

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@ragingloli Maybe I’m being forgetful, but I can’t think of any rape scenes.

Nonetheless, I agree with you that it violated what I hold dear in Star Trek. You can’t just blow up Vulcan and expect fans to like that.

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My favorites would be Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, O Brother Where Art Thou and Pink Floyd: The Wall
Worst would be The Notebook, IT, Batman forever and Batman and Robin.

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Best: North & South – based on the book by Elizabeth Gaskell
Worst: Ella Enchanted – based on the book by Gail Carson Levine

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I have to say, that Dungeons&Dragons movie was pretty horrendous.

I actually liked the scenery and special effects, but everything seems so damn wrong in this, and hardly encompasses much of anything related to D&D, even in movie form. Plus how come the dwarf was as tall as all the other humans. Also bad acting and lame ass ending.

That, and whatever Uwe Boll comes up with.

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One of my favorite book to movies is A Clockwork Orange. Just wonderful. Kubrick just makes me extremely happy though.
Requiem for a Dream was pretty great too. I especially enjoyed the fact that Hubert Selby Jr had a role in the movie. I love his books.
I feel like both of these films captured the essence that the book was trying to convey very well.

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@ridicawu Wow, two of the movies I hate the most!

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Haha, wonderful.

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Super Mario Bros: The Movie was pretty lame

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As @joeysefika said, Lord of the Rings is definitely one of the best portrayals. As for the worst, I’m not sure

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“Best” is strictly in the eyes of the beholder, but I consider “Dodsworth” to be the best adaptation from a novel I’ve ever seen.

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The Worst:

Eragon was the worst book to film adaption I’ve ever seen. Imagine Star Wars was a 500 page book being made into a movie. Now, imagine it with a director who thinks it doesn’t detract from the story at all to remove Jedi, Sith, the Force, aliens, and 75% of all events, characters, and information about the world they live in (even when time constraints have nothing to do with what’s removed, since the movie turns out to be just over 90 minutes and so could easily have gone longer) and you can imagine what I mean: You’d think if all those changes were made that it’d be clear there was nothing left to make a movie about, and so there’d be no one inspired to make the movie that way, but boy would you be wrong.

The Best:

Most of the good movies (well, good is subjective, but adaptions that can stand on their own without the help of their books) that used to be books that I’ve seen I haven’t read the books of, and the film counterparts of books I’ve read that I’ve seen I mostly didn’t care for, but I did read Holes and then watch the movie, and my low expectations were shattered: it was a movie that did many things differently than the book, but was good in its own separate way for it. The only real exceptions were a few explanations they left out, but it was harder to get too bent out of shape about them when the rest of the movie was so good.

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