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Can anyone recommend good online radio stations or programs?

Asked by chevelle (53points) January 31st, 2009

Specifically, I’m looking for alternative, indie and British radio.

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Welcome cevelle

Great question. i would like to know as well.

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Try Pandora. You enter in a few songs or artists and it pops put a stream of music on the same vein. You can rate songs as you go, so it’s constantly readjusting the mix.

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I use a program called Radioshift. Gives me access to stations all over the world. I listen to the local station in my old hometown, plus old favorites from DC etc. Joost is good too but is audio and video.

peteylove's avatar is a pretty cool site

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Somafm is pretty good.

I would suggest this channel.

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BBC 6Music – Brit indie
3WK So indie it hurts

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Another vote for Pandora.

although, I heard a rumor they may file for bankruptcy. boo hoo.

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Pandora is cool, and you can also stream KCRW, which has “Morning Becomes Eclectic.” That plays a nice variety of the music you’re looking for.

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