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SATA to USB drive reader?

Asked by philo23 (193points) February 1st, 2009

Recently i found my Western Digital Elements drive for time machine not mounting, curious as to what happened to it, i unplugged it and plugged it back in, the light went on then faded quickly off. I have since taken it apart to rescue my external hard drive from it, but now to get the data I have on it off, i need a SATA to USB cable (note, not ESATA, just SATA) and i was curious as to if anyone knows of any place to get one. Also any recommendations on a good Time Machine drive (preferably cheap and in the 500GB+ range).

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Staalesen's avatar have something like that, but they have a very long delivery time though….

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I probably should of mentioned I live in the UK and from what i can tell, that service is US based.

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Nope, hong kong base, with worldwide free shipping…

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I have one of these. It comes in handy more often then you would think.

I haven’t used this but it is only eleven dollars.

The first link I posted does ship to the UK. At least it gives you that option.

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Thanks for the recommendations, any one have a recommended external USB or Firewire drive that i could use for Time Machine?

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I have a few of these. It works fine with Time Machine.

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