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Does Dell really make house calls?

Asked by fortris (683points) February 1st, 2009

I’m having the XPS M1530 NVIDEA 3600 chip issue and have to have my motherboard, heat sink and screen replaced. Does Dell actualy send someone to your house for this? Sorry if I’m suspicious.

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when Dell comes, they’ll fix your computer, but then require your firstborn, unless you can recite a magical phrase (of their choosing).

best go apple. get a mac.

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Really? Pimping out apple on a completely unrelated question?

It would be very easy (and cheap) for you to buy those parts and replace them yourself.

If you really want, Dell will do it for you, but charge an obscene amount for sub par parts.

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They have came to my house twice to fix my computer. After yelling at them.

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@eponymoushipster Or my alternative? Sell my soul to the devil? Steve Jobs?
@Eambos Its covered by warrenty. Its free.

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@fortris As much as I hate pointless fanboyism, a Mac Genius would more-than-likely provide a better repair experience.

I’m not trying to sway you; whatever works for you, go with that.

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@fortris The lesser of two evils.

@jackley exactly.

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@eponymoushipster What?!? Microsoft doesn’t come out with a better product every two months that is BARELY better than the last one! It doesn’t act cocky and spit in the competitors face even though MICROSOFT SAVED APPLE FROM BANKRUPTCY.

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Easy, chip-chips. This doesn’t have to become a flame war.

Sometimes I think the Internet was only created to start flame wars.

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@jackly Oh my young padawan, how does this revalation come to you so late?

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@fortris you’re right. Microsoft will typically come out with a product that isn’t any better than the last one.

to return the favor, maybe apple should develop a new OS for intel machin..ohwait

Response moderated
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@fortris i’m not a troll. i was expressing my opinion, ‘mkay?

1) programming: fi fy fo unix.
2) games: children? <looks> nope. ohwell.
3) if windows is “perfecting” the computer, why do you need technical support? shouldn’t Windows, in it’s near almighty power, reach in and fix the heat sink?
4) i actually teach people to use Windows computers. It’s my job. Familiarity breeds contempt, young one.
5) you weren’t really arguing in any case; you were yelling. that’s what all caps means, so…
6) please, no yelling.


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1. Unix isn’t Mac
2. I’m a child (rasberry)
3. Like Apple doesn’t have problems? OS X 10 was a huge screwup!
4. Thats not Window’s fault

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My laptop fried last week. I was talking to Dell support for a couple of hours. They were very patient, but couldn’t solve my problem over the phone. They sent me OS disks and called me back after the disks arrived to walk me through a new install.

As far as housecalls, they wouldn’t even let me take the laptop 2 blocks up the road to Best Buy. Only Dell support should address hardware and software issues <—Their words, not mine They never offered me any “in person” support.

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set em up, i’m putting on a clinic.

1) Mac OS X (pronounced /mæk oʊ ɛs tɛn/)[3] is a line of computer operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Apple Inc.. As of 2009, every new Macintosh computer ships pre-loaded with the latest version of the operating system (currently Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard”). Mac OS X is the successor to the original or “classic” Mac OS, which had been Apple’s primary operating system since 1984. Unlike its predecessors, Mac OS X is a Unix-based operating system,[4] built on technologies developed at NeXT between the second half of the 1980s and Apple’s purchase of the company in early 1996. Version 10.5, while running on Intel processors, is certified UNIX 03. see here

2) i know.

3) vista.

4) & 5) uhm. ok.

best of luck.

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1. I confused Unix with Linux.
2. I’m not sure you do.
3. Windows 7 and XP
4+5. You have obviously never been to 4chan

You condisending jerk.

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1) it’s ok.
2) yeah, it’s in your profile.
3) we’ll see.
4+5) nope. but this quote regarding it (via Wikipedia, quoting the Guardian) makes me want to: “lunatic, juvenile… brilliant, ridiculous and alarming.” Sounds like fun.

“condescending”...and sometimes, yeah.

this might help you, but it’s 6 years old


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1. (no comment)
2. Okay
3. XP is already proven
4+5. It is.

As to the link, I have an XPS, not an Inspiron.

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[mod says:] Flame off please. Answer the question, move on. As for the asker, if you want quality answers and people to help you out, attacking them is not a good decision.

Caps are not cruise control for cool.

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No, normally dell does not make house calls. 99% of the time they will have you send it off for them to fix. Or, if you request it and have repair knoledge they can mail you the parts. (i always fix mine. less down time.)

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I had the 4 year coverage on my laptop. Every time it broke, I called, was on the phone with support for about an hour doing various diagnostic issues, then they shipped all parts that may be necessary to my Dell repair guy, he called and came over a day or two later. My laptop was fine for 3 years, broke 3 times my last year under protection and by the time the coverage was up, I’d basically replaced the entire laptop part-wise with no cost to myself.

So if you have the coverage plan, YES. THEY MAKE HOUSECALLS. AT NO EXTRA COST.

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No more lists, please. And certainly no more lists in response to lists.

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lists are the GPS to all caps cool cruise control.

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If you get an XPS system from Dell and have their warranty then they should. I have an XPS 1530 and Dell have come to my work place or my home and repaired it the very next day after I reported a problem. Maybe the it’s a regional thing but never had a problem getting support of call outs on Dell products in the UK.

My brother’s mac book pro has had problems too but Apple just told him it was normal or expected wear and tear and he should pay for replacement parts. He’s now out of warranty and hoping it dies so his company can buy him a new one so he doesn’t have to suffer the burning/overheating and 20min battery life.

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They came to my house. My laptop is fixed.

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You guys cracked me up.

@fortris How’d you go outside the box?


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