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Nope. In fact, I would be concerned if he never partied. Everyone needs to let go. Good for him.

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i think he’s a mutant freak, so if it keeps him and his retard strength from killing people, it’ ok.

uhm, stay in school don’t do drugs.

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no. its not my business what he does in his free time.

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I think that I’d care if there were a meaningful reason for why pot is illegal.

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I’ve been to plenty of parties that were wicked, awesome, killer, pick-your-adjective.. pot is only necessary for those who don’t know how to have fun on their own power with alcohol… =D

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No. Obama smoked pot. If I don’t even care that the president of my country smoked pot, an Olympic athlete who won’t be making decisions affecting mine or anyone else’s life can smoke all the pot he pleases.

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No! I have to be honest…I wish “celeberities” would stop apologizing for smoking pot. The whole thing is stupid!

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Ben Harper lyrics describe it perfectly:

“My choice is what I chose to do;
and if I’m causin no harm,
it shouldn’t bother you.
Your choice is who you chose to be;
and if you’re causin’ no harm, then you’re alright with me.

If you dont like my fire, then dont come around, cause I’m gona burn one down.
Yes I’m gonna burn one, down.”


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Of course not.

Does anyone care that I smoked pot?

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It doesn’t bother me that he smoked out. I do find it amusing that he was dumb enough to let someone snap a picture of him taking a bong hit. What did he think, he was posing for a Wheaties box?

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Can’t imagine why I’d care if he smoked pot. Does he care if I did?

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The only ones who seem to care are the thoughtless and parasitic media who have to try and ruin reputations, engage in spurious reporting, and leave a very bad taste in my mouth.

Who gives a damn if he smoked pot or not? He won 8 gold medals at the Olympics and this is a record that may not be broken for a very long time, if ever. He is a tremendous athlete and an all around nice guy from what I know about him.

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If he doesn’t care why should I? He’s not my kid so whatever. I can see why some parents might care, if their kids look up to him they will say “michael phelps did it so why shouldn’t I?”

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But…but…i thought marijuana made you into an unmotivated couch potato….have i been lied to!? :P

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So he smoked pot? I say, Big Whoop!! Why shouldn’t he let his hair down. It’s not as though he was taking it as a performance enhancer before a race. I’m just surprised, as Supermouse said, that he let himself get photographed in that position. I’m also sad for him that someone he may have trusted would take a photo and then make it public. I guess it is definitely a case of once you’re in the public eye, nothing is private.

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@SuperMouse Would he be advertising the special surprise inside the box?

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Eh, that guy needs to relax after all that super-human effort. I’m not bothered by his choices one bit.

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@Jeruba—Yes, he does care. Very deeply. [sage nod]

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here’s him with the bong for those that are curious.

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Not in the slightest.

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Oh no, he’s a role model to the kids… oh no… he can’t smoke pot.
Holy hell. After swimming so fast, I’d like to take some time to slow down too.

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No. The whole thing is laughable.

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Fuck they should headline him on the ROOR websites. Those bongs are beasts. I think it was kind of stupid of him to do it at a large party and let people take a picture of him because the way that the media is they will jump on any stupid little thing they can.

Personally I don’t care though. Honestly, he deserves a few bong rips and if anything it’s a great endorsement for weed and German made bongs. I just wish everyone would mind their own buisness and let others live their lives as they want to.

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Why would anyone care? Oh, right, thanks BlueFreedom – the media. Of course, that’s a thing, not anyone.

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I think more highly of him for doing so.

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@arcoarena i was just going to say, damnnnnn hes got a roor bong, nice choice mr phelps, nice choice lol.

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I care for him and his family, you can easily destroy your reputation by any foolish thing.
And it’s sad to see a well prospered athelete be like that especially he’s a huge role model to most youths.

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Don’t care one bit.
Hell, I’ll smoke him out.

I bet he could do a three foot bong with those monkey arms. That’s talent.

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Don’t care. Sorry the media is playing this up…when they could be paying attention to important things. You know <cough octuplets cough>
Not boring shit like the economy.

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It definitely helped his ‘cool’ factor.

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dont panic, its organic!

everyone loves a pot smoker :)

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My source states that he doesn’t think that he did it. however, if he did then stay out of his business because it didn’t come out until he got the eight gold medals, that’s what my source says. I say f it. Let the man live. He’s an adult and the fact is, if he was any other average person no one would be concerned with what he did.

-Sellz (& source)

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im from australia and when i read it on the front of a news paper i was with a friend mates and all our responses were good on him.
hes a normal person. i smoke weed a lot. everyone tries weed at least once.
heck the acting prime minister of australia and a few politicians admitted to smoking weed at least once and even had a laugh about it.

the person who took the picture is a complete dick.

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If anything, it shows that you can smoke pot and still be an achiever. The stigma is old-fashioned.. not all stoners are lazy bums. I honestly know plenty of people who smoke and are productive, contributing members of society. Marijuana just happens to be their drug of choice.

Secondly, if he were out getting wasted or drinking a lot of coffee or smoking cigarettes, no one would bat an eyelash. The difference is that alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine are socially-accepted drugs. If you ask me, alcohol does a lot more damage.. it seems unreasonable that it’s a huge deal someone smokes pot, but not a big deal when they’re out getting plastered and sloppy.

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Yes! I’m thrilled!

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How many people his age don’t smoke pot? He’s young and in his “college years”. Just because he’s an amazing swimmer doesn’t mean he can’t have a little fun too.

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is it possible that a lot of people who got really worked up over it, only did because it kind of showed that not all people who smoke pot turn into unmotivated couch potatoes?

i really don’t care what he does in general though, let alone in his free time. what does him toking up have to do with my life?

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I’m with @shamroch, I’m thrilled.

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Oh my god, he actually smoked pot! Wow, he did an actual drug, and I mean a drug drug. Oh my god I can’t actually believe that a person who has actually smoked pot lives only about 2000 miles from me!

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