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Finally. A reason to be happy about my weak chin!

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That’s just silly.

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I definitely don’t have a cheater’s chin ;)

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Big enough for my face

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Man, I never thought about that one. I think I have a fairly large chin (although I have nothing on Jay Leno, thank heavens), but I’m not a cheater. I’ve been told I’m a serial monogamist – I don’t really “date” much, but end up in long term relationships with friends. I am sexually assertive with my partners, though.

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I have a little chin. When I smile, one can see a cleft in it.

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I love that this is tagged under “relationships” as if any guy gives a fuck what your chin looks like…

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@madcapper I’d imagine they’d care whether or not a girl is more likely to cheat?
Well, that’s the theory anyway.

As for the question…I really have no idea.
What the heck is a small or large chin?

I’d scrutinize that picture of Meg Ryan for reference,
but her Botox lips are seriously freaking me out.

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That’s absolutely reeeeeegoddamndiculous.

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I have a bit of a chin. That’s ridiculous.

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Is that why some people get chin implants?

as you can see from my picture, I have no chin. But I do have 352 children…so, that would blow that theory…if we were talking about bunnies

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I have what you’d call a strong chin.

This article is stupid.

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My chin fits my face quite nicely.

This study sounds really stupid. I want to know what kind of test subjects they used and what variables they tested for. “Strong chin” is subjective. How do they define a strong chin? Did they only test women with disproportionately large chins who had other smaller features? Or did they just jump in and go, “this one looks like she has a big chin!”


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That’s something to tell the kids. STAY AWAY FROM THE BIG CHINNED WHORES.

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This “research” seems pretty suspect to me, PnL.

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I have more chins than a chinese phone book…

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K, well.

I have a large chin for a girl, I call it my Jay Leno chin.
I have not cheated on a significant other since I was 16 years old.
I also have an incredibly low sex drive in general.

So, in conclusion, as others have said: THAT’S PURE SILLINESS!

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@Everyone – I agree on the sillyness of the article. I just found it amusing and wanted to see how the rest of you would respond. The size of a chin is really subjective IMO, and this is one of those cases where they are trying to draw connections, where they don’t exist.

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How do you measure a chin & who says it’s prominent or not? I have a dandy chin & would not says it’s prominent, so I guess I’m not a cheater in waiting.
Silly, silly, silly!

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Smithers: “But sir, phrenology was dismissed as quackery a hundred years ago!”

Mr. Burns: “Of course you would say that—you have the brain-pan of a stagecoach tilter!!”

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O oh…. I have a kind of witches chin… (well I think anyway) and no I don’t think it’s very attractive :-(

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@autumn43: Cute answer. And I lurrrrrve your avatar dear.

I have one chin. It is small. I wish it were more prominent. Used to be. Am fighting the double-chin. Have invented an exercise (chin ups?) to combat that zone. Anyone interested, I can describe in detail.

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That’s bullshit. The width of your neck is not gonna determine whether you’re a cheater, your personality is.

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what the heck is a large chin? what dimension is stretched for that?

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Scuse me, that’s preposterous. ^_^
My chin has nothing to do with my faithfulness.

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That’s a bold question. I wouldn’t touch that one with a 10 foot pole.

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