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How you get rid of warts?

Asked by fieldhockey10 (9points) February 3rd, 2009

I’ve tried the freeze-away from drugstores, but it doesnt work. Any Suggestions?

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See your doctor, OTC remedies don’t work, but doctors have the tools that do.

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I divorced her.

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Duct tape. Seriously.

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I was gonna say the same thing as Harp – duct tape.

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Swing a dead cat around your head three times, at midnight, in a graveyard.

it worked for my buddy huck

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The best bet is a combination of liquid nitrogen (freezing) and duct tape. You can actually buy little liquid nitrogen canisters at the pharmacy (though they are expensive) for wart treatment, so you could try that.

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@ harp you beat me to it!

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My grandmother used magic on my little brother (when he was 6). She had him bury a piece of raw bacon in the back yard when the moon was full. It worked.

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@gail…Promise that you’ll call me if you ever need help white-washing your fence?

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Had one on my foot when I was young. A friend told me to pee on it in the shower. Damn if it wasn’t gone within days? Gross yet effective. Hope the wart is in an accessible spot.

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Acid tape works great on plantar warts.

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How about a nice, friendly bush-cricket?

Preferably one with an appetite.

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@AstroChuck…You can get warts from eating peanuts?

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Hey. This is a serious thread. Let’s act mature, huh?

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@AstroChuck…I’m sorry…You can get warts from sowing seeds?

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You’re sick! People are suffering here! Have you no shame?

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@AstroChuck…At one time I did but a little duct tape took care of it.

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