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Where can I find a fusebox map for my 1987 BMW 325i convertible?

Asked by Yanivi (42points) February 3rd, 2009

My turn signals don’t work, so I thought I’d check the fuse, but I don’t know which one it would be…

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1987 BMW 325i Manuals I know you’re probably not wanting to spend money, but it is a good investment because the manuals help in almost every situation if there is something wrong with your car. You could also look at your local library (some bigger ones would have car manuals) or at a local repair shop that regularly services older BMWs

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I think this is it

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goes with Harp’s answer
fuse numbers

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Hey I have the same car! Love it! I just replaced a fuse recently to make my cigarette lighter charge my gps. :D

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Thanks all for the answer! I didn’t know anyone got back to me… Best regards!


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